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  冠词是英语限定词中最主要的一种,有且仅有两种形式:不定冠词 a (或者 an )和定冠词 the 。但是冠词又是英语中最为常用的词类,而且由于汉语中没有与之对应的词类,所以考生对冠词的用法的掌握尤感困难。冠词的使用错误一般包括如下情况:

  1. 该用冠词时漏用,如 all of sudden → all of a sudden , tell truth → tell the truth ;

  2. 不该用冠词时赘用,如 in the contrast → in contrast , give a rise to → give rise to ; keep a pace with → keep pace with ;

  3. the 与 a/an 误用,如 on a whole → on the whole ;

  4. a 与 an 混用,如 a “ s ” sign → an “ s ” sign , to a extent → to an extent , a honor → an honor 。

  例 1

  We were very much surprised that the village

  was such long way from the main road. 1.__________

  在“ such+a(an)+ 形容词 + 名词”结构中,定冠词不能省略,所以应该在 such 后加上不定冠词 a 。

  例 2

  “I considered it a honor to be invited to address 1.__________

  the meeting of world-famous scientists,” said

  professor Johnson.

  “ honor ”虽然首字母为 h ,却是一个以元音开头的单词,显然应该使用不定冠词 an ,这类题一般出现频率较少,却也容易犯错,在改错题应该格外注意,不容出错。

  例 3

  The nude human body at the rest must begin to 1.__________

  combat a lowering of body temperature when the

  air temperature stands at approximately 31.0℃.

  “ at rest ”为习惯用语,表示“处于休息状态”的意思,中间不用任何冠词,故应该将 the 删去。

  例 4

  Geologists have been studying volcanoes for a long

  time. Though they have learned great deal, they still 1.__________

  have not discovered the causes of volcanic action.

  “ a great deal ”表示“大量的,许多的”的意思,后面接不可数名词,此为习惯用法,前面不定冠词 a 不能省略。


  1 They know that the inside of the earth is very

  hot, but they are not sure what causes the great heat.

  Some scientists now believe that much of heat 1.__________

  inside the earth is provided by the radioactive


  2 Communications satellites have made it possible

  for an entire world be closer than ever before. 2.__________

  3 A lighthouse must be high enough for its light to

  be seen far away, but if it is too high, it has more

  possibility to be destroyed by high wind; so it

  is always true to say that the higher it is better. 3.__________

  4 Scientists have suggested that supersonic

  aircraft may disturb the upper atmosphere to

  such extent that dangerous radiation from the 4.__________

  sun might reach the earth.

  5 Nowadays, higher education does not make

  as much difference to the jobs women take as

  it does in case of men. 5.__________

  6 More than 90 percent of cigarette smoke is

  made up of about dozen hazardous gases, 6.__________

  carbon monoxide being the most important.

  7 Primates are also known for their great

  intelligence, related in a part to their great 7.__________

  awareness of the environment plus the ability

  to manipulate this environment

  8 This tendency of technology to make workers

  superfluous but at same time allowing 8.__________

  their numbers to grow so large is deceasing

  psychological tensions.

  9 Most of the dollar differences stem from fact 9.__________

  that women tend to be more recently employed

  and have fewer years on the job.

  10 This island is to south of North Korea. 10.__________


  1. heat前加the。因为前面已经出现过了heat,所以此处为特指。

  2. an→the。“the entire world”为习惯用法,表示“全世界,整个世界”,因为世界是独一无二的,所以不能使用不定冠词,必须改为定冠词。

  3. better前加the。

  4. such前加an。

  5. case前加the。“in case of”表示“万一”的意思,显然不符合原句意思,应该改为“in the case of”意为“在……情况下”。

  6. dozen前加a。

  7. a删去。“in part”表示“部分”的意思,中间不需要任何冠词。

  8. at和same之间加the。

  9. from和fact之间加the。“fact”后面接同位语从句,所以此处定指。

  10. to后面加the。


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