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  1 Fly spread diseases. So we should think of ways to 1.__________

  get rid of them.

  2 That is where the main difference between animals

  and human being lies. 2.__________

  3 Please read the instruction carefully before using 3.__________

  the medicine.

  4 The evening meal for Americans is usually long and

  a time for family to gather together. 4.__________

  5 Carry your valuable with you, your money, jewelry, 5.__________

  camera and so on.

  6 Some plant produce irritating poisons that can affect 6.__________

  a person even if he or she merely brushes against them.

  7 Social scientists tell us that cultures differ from one

  another, and that each culture is unique. As cultures

  are diverse, so language are diverse. 7.__________

  8 Culture consists of not only such material things as

  cities, organizations and schools, but also non-material

  things such as ideas, customs, family patterns and

  languages. Putting it simple, language refers to the 8.__________

  entire way of life of a society.

  9 It seems that the progresses of man includes a rising 9.__________

  volume of noise.

  10 This has not only altered for periods of time their

  Role of maintaining the household and children,

  but also influenced the dominant female role as 10.__________

  bread winner.


  1 The old naturalist was devoted to bringing out the

  secret of the nature all his life. 1.__________

  2 I had decided to give it up, but on the second thoughts, 2.__________

  I decided to try a third time.

  3 The news is spreading from mouth to mouth and has

  become the talk of town. 3.__________

  4 Do you think it is all right to buy him that DVD player

  as the birthday gift. 4.__________

  5 Helen has tired twice, and she is asked to have the third 5.__________


  6 By year 2000, experts believe that most farmers will 6.__________

  get more help from the government.

  7 Educational TV stations offer teaching in various

  subjects ranged from home nursing to art appreciation.

  In medical schools, students, with aid of TV, can 7.__________

  operate in different classrooms.

  8 There is a old saying, ”People who live in glass houses 8.__________

  shouldn’t throw stones”, meaning that such people would

  have stones thrown back at them and their houses would

  quickly be broken to pieces.

  9 What do you think of when you see or hear a word 9.__________

  “glass”? Most of us probably think first of a substance

  that is easily broken.

  10 Luckily he is not alone in this battle. There is great 10.__________

  deal of work bacteria to do as well.


  1. Fly→Flies。当“fly”表示苍蝇时,是可数名词。

  2. being→beings。“human being”表示“人类”的意思时是可数名词。

  3. instruction→instructions。“instruction”作“产品的说明”时,要用复数形式。

  4. family→families。在原句中,此处指美国家庭的总体情况,故应用名词的复数形式。

  5. valuable→valuables。此处valuable作名词使用,在句中表示“贵重物品”的意思,应用复数形式。

  6. plant→plants。

  7. language→languages。

  8. language→culture。根据上文可知,文章中没有谈到语言,所涉及的全是文化方面的内容,所以此处应该是指文化才对。

  9. progresses→progress。在该句中,“progress”作为不可数名词使用,表示“进步,进展”的意思。

  10. female→male。根据上文可知,男人才是养家糊口的人,所以此处应该是male。

  1. 删除nature前的定冠词the。当“nature”作“大自然”的意思讲时,是整体概念,前面一般不用冠词。

  2. 删去定冠词the。“on second thoughts”为固顶用法,意为“又一想”,中间不加定冠词。

  3. town前加the。

  4. the→a。DVD作为礼物,显然是多种选择中的一种,故前面用不定冠词a。

  5. the→a。该句中,名词前面加上不定冠词表示“又、在”的意思。

  6. year前加the。当明确指出某一年时,必须用定冠词,表示“到……年为止”的意思。

  7. aid前加the。

  8. a→an。

  9. a→the。该句明确指出单词是“glass”,是确指,因此应该使用定冠词。

  10. great前加a。“a great deal of”是固定搭配,表示“大量的”。


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