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  一般来说名词错误是指误用了某个在形式上或意义上与正确的单词相似的单词,包括名词单复数的误用,可数名词和不可数名词的混淆,抽象名词和具体名词的混用以及词数的表达错误等类型,如 find a work → find a job ; woman doctors → women doctors ; these phenomenon → these phenomena 等。

  例 1

  Between sunrise and sunset, streets and highways

  are a constant source of voice from cars, buses and 1.__________


  原文中讲述的是噪音污染, voices 是指人的声音或者比较抽象的声音,根据常识轿车公共汽车以及卡车发出的声音必然是噪音,所以此处的 voice 应该改为 noise 。

  例 2

  My dream was to find a piece of place, and build 1.__________

  a house for one’s family.

  此句中的 place 在此处为可数名词,不需要在前面加上 a piece of 便可直接跟在不定冠词 a 后面,而 land 为不可数名词,不能直接跟不定冠词,所以应该将 a piece of 改为 a place ,或者直接将 place 改为 land 。根据改错原则,应该将 place 改为 land 。

  例 3

  Anyone understood the life and death importance 1.__________

  of family cooperation and hard work.

  此句中的 anyone 不太符合上下文语意场的要求,一般来说 anyone 使用于否定句或者疑问句型中,在肯定某一事实时,应该使用 everyone 取代 anyone 。

  例 4

  If indeed silence is golden, it is also becoming as rare

  as gold. It seems that the progresses of man includes 1.__________

  a rising volume of noise.

  此句中结构十分完整,然而通读整段文字可发现,这句话的主谓不一致。错在 progress 上, progress 作进步讲时是不可数名词,没有复数形式,故应将 progresses 改为 progress 。


  1 I told her not to use the office phone for personal call. 1.__________

  2 He left words with my mother that he would come

  to help me in the afternoon and kept his words. 2.__________

  3 Father went to his doctor for advices about his heart 3.__________


  4 Tom, will you boys play soldiers outside? There’s not

  enough rooms for you here. 4.__________

  5 If by chance someone comes to see me, ask them to

  leave a notice. 5.__________

  6 In order to buy a nice pair of shoes, he went to two

  shoes stores. 6.__________

  7 Sensitive people have been mirroring their friend 7.__________

  and acquaintances all their lives, and winning affection

  and respect in this way without being aware of their


  8 But we must keep in head the billions of dollars 8.__________

  we might spend in carrying out the project.

  9 I turned into the first sock shop that caught my

  eyes, and a clerk who could not have been more 9.__________

  than seventeen years old came forward.

  10 In many shops the customer has to wait for

  someone to wait upon him. And when finally some

  clerks does design to notice you, you are made to 10.__________

  fell as if you were interrupting him.


  2.第二个words→word。“keep one’s word”为固顶短语,意为“遵守诺言”。



  5.notice→note。根据语境,这里表达的是“留便条”,应该用“leave a note or message”,而notice的意思是“通知”,不符合题意要求。→shoe。当名词作定语表类别,一般用名词的单数形式。


  8.head→mind。“keep sth. In mind”为固定搭配,表示“记住,牢记”的意思。

  9.eyes→eye。“catch one’s eye”是固定短语,表示“引起某人注意”的意思。

  10.clerks→clerk。此句中,由后面的him可知“some clerk”并不是指“一些店员”,而是不定指,表示某个“店员”的意思。


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