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  本期特总结前两期。分别是4.非谓语动词使用错误 5.主谓语前后不一致错误2种错误类型,共10个错误。外加我们开始做2006年12月老六级的真题,希望对大家对改错的提高有帮助。


  1 Call on a friend five minutes later than the appointed 1.__________

  time may cause him some unexpected trouble. More-

  over, habitual unpunctuality leads to indolence

  and even failure in life.

  2 The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier,

  not make it more difficult. 2.__________

  3 Don’t use words, expressions or phrases being known 3.__________

  only to people with specific knowledge.

  4 Doctor Roland says leprosy is no longer a disease

  that requires life-long treatments by medical experts.

  Instead, patients can take that is called a multi-drug

  therapy. This modern treatment will cure leprosy in 6

  to 12 months, depend on the form of the disease. 4.__________

  5 Guiding by a belief that computers would be 5.__________

  valuable tools on every office desktop and in

  every home, Bill Gates began developing

  software for personal computers.


  6 The child, being taken care of by its grandparents,

  are deaf and mute. 6.__________

  7 Standing in a line along the corridor is 3 groups of 7.__________

  young pioneers who will set out on an expedition.

  8 The book many students found interesting that

  were written by a famous American scientist 8.__________

  came out only last month.

  9 There are no denying the facts and there 9.__________

  are no facts that can be turned a blind eye to either.

  10 What was announced on the radio have caused 10.__________

  great excitement among the public.

  2006 年 12 月老六级

  The most important starting point for improving the under-

  standing of science is undoubtedly an adequate scientific education

  at school. Public attitudes towards science owe much the way sci- S1. _________

  ence is taught in these institutions, Today, school is what most S2. _________

  people come into contact with a formal instruction and explanation

  of science for the first time. At least in a systematic way, It is at

  this Point which the foundations are laid for an interest in science. S3. _________

  What is taught (and how) in this first encounter will largely deter-

  minc an individual’s view of the subject in adult life. Understand-

  ing the original of the negative attitudes towards science may help S4._________

  us to modify them . Most education system neglect exploration, S5. _________

  understanding and reflection, Teachers in schools tend to present

  science as a collection of facts, often by more detail than necessa- S6. _________

  ry, As a result, children memorize processes such as mathematical

  formulas or the periodic table, only to forget it shortly afterwards. S7. _________

  The task of learning facts and concepts, one at a time, makes

  learning laborious, boring and efficient, Such a purely empirical S8._________

  approach, which consists of observation and description, is also,

  in a sense, unscientific or incomplete. There is therefore a need

  for resources and methods of teaching that facilitates a deep under- S9. _________

  standing of science in an enjoyable way, Science should not only

  be “fun” in the same way as playing a video game, but “hard

  fun” a deep feeling of connection made possibly only by imagi- S10. ________

  native engagement.


  1. Call→Calling/To call。本句主语是一个动词短语,但是动词短语做主语时,其中的动词只能用作动名词或不定式的形式,因而把Call改成Calling或To call。

  2. not∧,to。该句中后半部分实际上和“to make it easier”同为表语成分,结构相同,为和前面保持一致,此处也应该使用不定式结构。

  3. 删去being。只有当句中出现表示现在的时间状语时,才会用现在分词的被动式来做定于修饰名词,而原句中未出现表示现在时的时间状语成分,故应该将being删去。

  4. depend→depending。英语里,一个句子不能在没有任何连接手段的情况下,同时使用两个并列的谓语动词,所以错在depend,应改为现在分词depending形式。

  5. Guiding→Guided。该句中,过去分词做原因状语,相当于原因状语从句Because he was guided,意为“因为受……引导”。

  6. are→is。该句中,主语成分为“The child”,所以谓语应该使用单数形式。

  7. is→are。该句为一个倒装句,真正的主语成分是“3 groups of young pioneers”,故谓语动词应该使用复数形式。

  8. were→was。该句中,定语从句引导词“that”指代前文中的“The book”故该从句中的谓语应该为单数形式。

  9. are→is。在“there + be +doing”结构中,谓语动词使用单数形式。

  10. have→has。名词性从句做主语谓语动词一般做单数对待。

  S1.在much和the way间插入to









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