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  1 In every case, the influential person may unconsciously

  notice the imitation but he will feel comfortably in its presence. 1.__________

  2 Even the careful protected wildness areas can be invaded 2.__________

  at any moment by a passing jet.

  3 In every nation, there is a vast class of people who are

  cowardice, and more or less stupid. 3.__________

  4 So complete absorbed was she in watching the cloud 4.__________

  to which her strange song seemed addressed, that she

  did not observe me when I rose and went towards her.

  5 Many women, for example, have committed their lives

  to teaching careers, yet relative few have become 5.__________

  principals or headmasters.

  6 The university exposes its students to many different

  culture, social and out-of-class programs. 6.__________

  7 Confucius at last found him. He proved to be a teacher

  of rare enthusiastic and skill. 7.__________

  8 Emotive language can be used whether or not we

  are lonely. 8.__________

  9 But Swiss discovered long ago that constantly warfare 9.__________

  brought them something but suffering and poverty.

  10 If you were a Catholic in a Protestant country, or a

  Protestant in another kind of Protestant country, you

  were often make very uncomfortably. 10.__________


  1 Black Smith, the man servant, was ordered to be a

  l ot of housework. He mopped the floor, cleaned the

  windows, and other odd jobs. 1.__________

  2 The value of a course depends as much on its inherent

  interests as the practical use you can put it to. 2.__________

  3 I am told that your roommate is difficult to get along

  with, but my roommate is generous, considerate,

  and is easy to get along with. 3.__________

  4 Workers hurrying to their offices or factories, children

  go to school, people going out to buy things, all uses 4.__________


  5 In more technologically developed societies, the period

  of child and adolescence tends to be extended over a

  long time, resulting in more opportunities for education

  and a great variety in character development. 5.__________

  6 Man has spent most of his resources exploring the

  outer space, plumbing the depths of the ocean, and

  probe into himself. 6.__________

  7 However a second person thought that this was more

  a question of civilized behavior as good manners. 7.__________

  8 At the beginning of the nineteenth century working

  hours were from sunrise to sunset, pay was awful,

  and working conditions being poor and dangerous. 8.__________

  9 In the past the pen did all the work, for all writing

  intended to last for any length of time valid only if 9.__________

  written with pen and ink.

  10 Since it was the first time for the Europeans to set

  foot on this large continent, they called the New 10.__________

  World, while Europe and the rest became known

  as the Old World.


  1. comfortably→comfortable。

  2. careful→carefully。“protected”是过去分词作为形容词性动词,前面应该使用副词修饰。

  3. cowardice→cowardly。“cowardice”是名词,表示“怯懦”。

  4. complete→completely。“be absorbed in sth.”表示“全神贯注”的意思,该结构中“absorbed”是形容词,所以前面应该用副词修饰。

  5. relative→relatively。在该句中,“relative”并不是作为形容词修饰后半句主语名词few,而是作为整个句子的状语,表示“相对而言的”。

  6. culture→cultural。

  7. enthusiastic→enthusiasm。“enthusiasm”是名词。

  8. lonely→alone。

  9. constantly→constant。“constantly”是副词,表示“经常的”。

  10. uncomfortably→uncomfortable。当make后面接某人时,后面一般接形容词作为宾语补主语。

  1. and后加did。该句中虽然三部分是并列结构,但是所使用动词都不同,因此odd jobs也应该使用动词,而通常表示“干工作”使用动词do,又因原句中时态为过去时,故用did。

  2. as后加on。这样“on the practical use you can put it to” 与前面的“on its inherent interests”保持对称,共同接在动词depend后面。

  3. 删去is。

  4. go→going。

  5. great→greater。

  6. probe→probing。

  7. as→than。

  8. being→were。

  9. time后加was。

  10. called后加it。


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