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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午2:41

  英语词汇中有很多词在拼写上、语义上很相似,如 assure/ensure , rise/arise/raise , effect/affect ,但是它们的用法却迥然不同。这些易混淆的词构成六级改错的一个重要错误类型,也是比较难的一种类型,这个需要考生在平时的学习过程中注意知识的积累,并多做些总结和归纳,从中找出一些规律。

  例 1

  His persistence was awarded when the car finally started. 1.__________

  句中“ award ”是“颁发,授予(奖赏)”之义,而文中要表达的意思是“汽车终于启动了,那就是对他坚持不懈精神的回报”,应把 award 改成 reward 。

  例 2

  Deciding how much discomfort and risk we are prepared

  to put up with in the name of better health is a highly

  personal matter, not a decision we should remain to doctors 1.__________


  “ remain ”意为“保持,仍然”,是一个表示状态的动词,其用法和系动词“ be ”相似,后面所接成分一般是名词或形容词,作表语,而“ leave sth. to sb. ”意思是“把某物留给某人”。本句很明显是“ leave…to… ”的句型,所以应该把 remain 改为 leave 。

  例 3

  Of course the press means more than newspaper. A vast

  amount of magazines are published, aimed at readers 1.__________

  interested in all sorts of subjects.

  因为 amount 表示数量时只与不可数名词连用,而本句中后面所接名词为“ magazines ”,是复数名词,应该使用表示复数形式的 number ,故应该把 amount 改为 number 。

  例 4

  Today, flint has small importance as an industrial product. 1.__________

  “ small ”用于表示人或物的体积尺寸,不能修饰抽象名词 importance ,因此应把 small 改为可以修饰不可数抽象名词的 little 。


  1 Industry officials predicted that mobile communications

  service will soon be comparative in many respects to the 1.__________

  service provided by telephone that do not move.

  2 In today’s society, “Smoking effects your health” has 2.__________

  become a warning which is known to almost every house hold.

  3 For his outstanding achievements in graduate teaching

  he is held in big esteem by his students and colleagues. 3.__________

  4 Supersonic craft may disturb the upper atmosphere to

  such an extent that dangerous radiation from the sun might

  reach the earth, with unimaginative effects on life there. 4.__________

  5 In the late nineteen century, farm work and life were not 5.__________

  much changed from what they had been in the old days.

  6 Deciding how much discomfort and risk we are prepared

  to put up with in the name o better health is a high personal 6.__________

  matter, not a decision we should remain to doctors alone. 7.__________

  7 Whenever the subject of smoking and health is risen, 8.__________

  the governments of most countries hears no evil, see no evil

  and smell no evil.

  8 If I were to live my life over again, I would pay more

  attention to the cultivation of the memory. I would strengthen

  that faculty by every possible mean, and on every possible 9.__________


  9 The government of most countries spending huge sum of

  money for international defense. 10.__________


  1. comparative→comparable。当仅仅表达“比较的,比较性的”意思,而没有涉及到具体的比较时,应该用第一个词,但是当设计到具体的两者之间的比较时,则应该使用comparable。此句属于第二种情况。

  2. effects→affects。“effect”当作为动词使用时,表示“产生,引起,实现”的意思,作为名词时才是“影响,效果”,显然不符合,应该使用affect,意思是“影响”。

  3. big→high。

  4. unimaginative→unimaginable。该句中所要表达的是“难以想象的”,而unimaginative是“没有想像力的”意思,不符合句意。

  5. nineteen→nineteenth。

  6. high→highly。

  7. remain→leave。

  8. risen→raised。

  9. mean→means。

  10. international→national。表示“国防”的意思时应该使用national defense。


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