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  1. 名词与动词的错误使用 ,如: approval — approve , sale — sell ; 2. 名词与形容词的误用 ,如: medicine — medical/medicinal , emotion — emotional ; 3. 形容词与副词的误用 ,如: high — highly , mere — merely 等。这类错误还常出现在 be 以外的系动词后,如: feel badly — feel bad , grow uneasily — grow uneasy 。

  例 1

  Ideally, of course, the expression of editorial

  opinion should be limited on the editorial page

  and the news articles should be objective

  — telling the fact as complete as possible. 1.__________



  It is a social prejudice that the work of street

  cleaners is thought to be dirty and shame by 1.__________

  most people.



  It is true that their work may be dirty, but not

  necessary shameful. What would our streets 1.__________

  be like if nobody cleared away the rubbish?



  Used wise, science may increase our energy and 1.__________

  food supply, improve our health, expand our joy

  and extend our lives.

  该句的完整结构是“if it is used wisely, science may… ”,“wisely”修饰过去分词“used”,表示“使用得当”的意思。所以应该将形容词wise改为副词形式的wisely。


  1 Computers have been designed to store information

  and compute complex problems. Some computers are

  so high advanced that they even can talk with operators. 1.__________

  2 The doctor said that I only had to wait for a relative 2.__________

  short time before he could have an interview with me.

  3 You must make sure that your speech is clear and

  easily to follow. Use examples, charts, and pictures if 3.__________

  they will help you explain your points clearly. You

  should treat your audience with respect.

  4 The myth of the country as a Garden of Eden,

  a few generations late, sends them flooding out again 4.__________

  to the suburbs.

  5 In the wild, tea plants become trees of

  approximately thirty feet in high. 5.__________

  6 Microwave ovens are generally more costlier than 6.__________

  common ovens.

  7 We are not necessary capable of doing such an 7.__________

  exacting job.

  8 There may be sound medicine reasons for accepting 8.__________

  electrical shock treatment, but such reasons are totally

  dependent on the balance of risks and benefits for the


  9 Living is risky. Crossing the road, driving a car, flying,

  swallowing an aspirin tablet or eating a chicken sandwich

  — they can all be fatal. Clearly some risks worth taking, 9.__________

  especially when the rewards are high.

  10 Punctuality is a good habit, and unpunctuality is a bad

  one. A few minutes delay may not be a serious matter. 10.__________


  1. high→highly。

  2. relative→relatively。

  3. easily→easy。在该句中easy紧跟在系动词be之后,与clear并列,即“your speech is clear and easy to follow”。

  4. late→later。

  5. high→height。“in height”表示“在高度上”的意思,为固定搭配,没有in high的表达法。

  6. costlier→costly。costly是形容词,意思是昂贵的,它的比较级是more costly,costlier是错误形式。

  7. necessary→necessarily。

  8. medicine→medical。

  9. worth前加are。本句有一个由“when”引导的时间状语从句,主句“Clearly some risks worth taking”缺少谓语动词,因为worth是形容词,一般于“be worth doing”。

  10. minutes→minutes’。本句中minutes是名词,不能直接修饰后面的名词delay,应该用名词所有格形式。


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