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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午12:33
  总结前三期。分别是1.逻辑表达错误 2.介词使用错误 3.代词使用错误3种错误类型 共30个错误。希望对大家对改错的提高有帮助。


  1 This is supposed to be an enlightened age, but you

  wouldn’t think so if you could hear what average

  man thinks of the average woman. Women won

  their independence years ago. Before a long, bitter 1.__________

  struggle, they now enjoy the different educational 2.__________

  opportunities as men in most parts of the world.

  2 People are earning higher wages and salaries.

  This leads to the changes in the way of life. As income

  goes down, people may not want more food to eat or 3.__________

  more clothes to wear. But may want more and

  better care from doctors, dentists and hospitals.

  They are likely to travel more and want more

  education. Nevertheless, many more jobs are available 4.__________

  in these services.

  3 A knowledge of several languages is essential to

  other majors’ study because without them one can 5.__________

  read books only in translation.

  4 If he was present because of sickness, there was 6.__________

  often no job for him when he returned.

  5 Under this pressure their whole way of life, even

  if their bodies, became radically changed. 7.__________

  6 Science in itself is harmless, more or less.

  But as soon as it can provide technology, it

  is not necessarily harmful. 8.__________

  7 Then, about ten thousand years ago, when this 9.__________

  immensely long formative period of hunting for

  food, they became farmers.

  8 Can we be so bold as to suggest that we may be

  able to colonize other planet within the not-too- 10.__________

  distant future?


  1 The year 1728 saw friction among the coffee-house 1.__________

  keepers and the publishers of newspapers.

  2 The traditional nuclear family came into being a

  couple of hundred years ago with the result of social 2.__________

  pressure during the shift from feudalism to industrialism.

  3 Most part-time workers are women, and most part-time

  women choose this work because that their domestic 3.__________


  4 Quality defines the difference in tone color between

  a note played by different instruments or sung by 4.__________

  different voices.

  5 English, which when the Anglo-Saxons first conquered

  England at the fifth and sixth centuries was almost a 5.__________

  “pure” or “unmixed” language.

  6 Gram soon wrote to Watson and Crick, introducing

  him and presenting the first fruits of his thoughts about 6.__________

  the coding problem.

  7 Man a million years ago was a little more than an

  animal; but early man had several advantages to the 7.__________

  animals in that he had a large brain and an upright body.

  8 Despite of the great difficulties they had, they 8.__________

  continued the work without any complaint.

  9 We are fully aware of that something must be 9.__________

  done to put an end to this situation.

  10 We are the same opinion that he is fit for this position. 10.__________


  1 We must find out the customs of other races, so that

  it will not think us ill-mannered. 1.__________

  2 But the people all over the world agree that being

  well-mannered really means being kind. Please

  remember this, and then he will not go very far. 2.__________

  3 Scientist are discovering that sea water can be

  very valuable. It has been suggested that their 3.__________

  currents can be used to make electricity.

  4 While technology makes this possible for four 4.__________

  even six billion of us to exist, it also eliminates

  our job opportunities.

  5 Traditionally, work determines our way of life.

  But if 98 percent of us don’t need to work, what

  are we going to do with oneself? 5.__________

  6 A break in their employment, or a decision to

  work part-time, will slow its raises and promotions 6.__________

  as it would for men.

  7 The conscience of the nation is appeased, while

  the population continues to puff their way 7.__________

  to smoke, cancerous death.

  8 There are many such differences and we shall take

  up only that involving language, omitting those that do not. 8.__________

  9 A wise and experienced administrator will assign

  a job to whomever is best qualified. 9.__________

  10 unconsciously, we copy these we are close to or 10.__________

  love or admire.






  5.them→it。本句中without them指的是没有几门语言的知识,此处them错指a knowledge of several languages,然而knowledge是主语的中心词,所以要把them改为it。


  7.删去if。该句中的if是误用,even if后面接从句,而该句后面只有their bodies,是半句话,意思为“即使他们的身体”,不符合语法逻辑规则,故应该把if删除,即even their bodies,意为“就连他们的身体”这样才可以与前边的短语构成符合主语表示他们的生活方式和身体状态都得以发生巨变。


  9.when→after。when表示“当……时”,after表示“……之后”。本句中ten thousand years ago指距今一万多年前,是在长期的原始狩猎时期之后,故应把when改为介词after。

  10.planet→planets。从逻辑上来讲,人类探索其他星体,不止一个两个,除了移民约球外,兴许还有水星木星等,故应将other后的可数名词变成复数形式,而the other后的可数名词则不为复数形式。


  2.with→as。“as the result of … ”意为“作为……的结果”,在剧中表明“传统小家庭是社会压力从封建社会向工业社会过渡的过程中形成的”。“with the result of … ”无此用法。

  3.that→of。“because that”后面必须接从句,而文中后面所接为名词短语,因此应该使用“because of”,它同样表示原因,但时候却直接接名词短语。→on。“played by”表示“由……表演或演奏”,文中所表达意思是在乐器上演奏,故此时应该使用介词on。→in。当表示在某个世纪时,century前的介词应该为in而不是at。

  6.him→himself。这里误将人称代词宾格代替了反身代词使用,从而引起句子歧义或者意义含糊不清,改为himself之后则和主语Gram正好对应。→over。表示“对……优势”使用短语“advantage over sth.”的形式。

  8.删去of。“despite”有两种用法:一种是后面直接接名词作为宾语,另外一种是接从句,结构为“despite that…”。根据文中情况,应该为第一种,故将of删掉。


  10.are后面加of。介词of后面接名词或者名词短语是一种特定用法,表示前面事物的性质特点和意义。原文意为:我们都认为他很适合这个职位。若不加介词,则原文语句不通。→they。句中“it”所指代的是前面的“other races”,故必须对应用复数形式they。


  3.their→its。由于“their”所指代的是前面的“sea water”,因此必须使用单数形式its,并且根据文意此处应该为所有格,相当于“sea water’s”。

  4.this→it。根据句意可知该处“this”作为形式宾语指代“for four or even six billion of us to exist”,然而this不能作为形式宾语。

  5.oneself→ourselves。为保持和前面人称“98 percent of us”以及“we”在数方面的一致性,必须将oneself改为ourselves。

  6.its→their。根据前文中“their”以及后文中“men”可知此处的“raises and promotions”是指“women’s raises and promotions”,故必须使用复数形式的所有格their。



  9.whomever→whoever。因为whomever为宾格形式,不能作为“is best qualified”的主语,所以必须使用主格形式的whoever。



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