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  例 她已试了好几次,要帮他们另找一所出租的房子,结果并未成功。

  译文:She had made several attempts to help them find other rental quarters without success.(多个简单句合成一个单句)

  例 他们有遵守交通规则,机器出了故障。

  译文:His failure to observe the safety regulations resulted in an accident to the machinery.(并列复合句合成一个单句)

  例 When we praise the Chinese leadership and the people, we are not merely being polite.


  1.Everyone has his inherent ability ,________________ (只是很容易被习惯所掩盖).

  2.The importance of traffic safety , _________________ (无论如何强调都不为过).

  3.In my opinion , ______________ (打电动玩具既浪费时间也有害健康).

  4.There is no doubt that ______________ (近视是一个很严重的问题)among the youth of our country.

  5.According to my personal experience , ___________________ (微笑已带给我许多好处).

  1. which is easily concealed by habits

  解析:每个人都有与生俱来的能力,只是很容易被习惯所掩盖。本题的难点在于对动词"掩盖"的选择。这里的"掩盖"是抽象含义,并不是像cover那样能找到真实的掩盖物,所以应该选择conceal,常用搭配由:conceal...from。另外,这句话是一个非限制性定语从句。句子需填补内容是对 ability的补充说明,"能力"是中心词。因此,要用which引导这个非限制性定语从句。

  2. can't be overemphasized / can't be emphasized too much

  解析:本句考查的是"再......也不为过的"的说法。英语句型是:cannot + do sth. + too much 或 cannot over-do,如:He is so excellent that we cannot praise him too much.(他是这样的优秀,我们怎样称赞他都不过分。)cannot是否定,与too much 和 over-V. 结构连用时强调肯定,表示"怎么......也不为过"。

  3. playing video games not only takes much time but also does harm to health

  解析:句子需填补部分的主语是"打电动玩具",虽然"打"是动词,但根据全句结构我们需要将play处理成动名词形式充当主语。此外,考察"不仅......还"的句型。"浪费时间"除了答案表达之外也可以用waste time 。

  4. near-sightedness is a serious problem

  解析:There is no doubt that后接从句,从句里应有完整的主谓宾结构。如:There is no doubt that the thief jumped into the room from the balcony in the second floor.(毫无疑问,小偷是从二楼的阳台跳进来的。) "近视"还可以说成myopia 或 short sight 。

  5. smile has done me a lot of good

  解析:本题考察"带给某人很多好处"的表达。我们知道"对某人有好处"可以说成do good to sb. 或do sb. good,依此类推,"给我带来很多好处"就是:do a lot of good to me或do me a lot of good 。


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