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  例1 即使在我们关掉床头灯甜甜地进入梦乡时,电仍然为我们工作:开动电冰箱,把水加热,或使室内空调机继续运转。

  译文: Even when we turn off the bedside lamp and are fast asleep , electricity is working for us, driving our refrigerators, heating our water, or keeping our rooms air-conditioned.

  在句子中,句子前半部分是一个让步状语从句,后半句的"开动","加热","使......运转"都是"电在为我们工作"的具体内容。因而在译文中,译者将这三个并行动作处理成了V-ing 形式,补充说明working的内容。译文按照原句的语序完全传达了原文的意思,采用顺序法翻译,达到了"精确,通顺"的目的。

  例2 It was a Saturday evening, when Tom was lying on the bench of the school listening to a blackbird and composing a lyric, that he saw the girls running among the trees, with the red-cheeked Joe in swift pursuit.

  译文: 那是周六的傍晚,汤姆正躺在学校的长凳上,一面听画眉鸟唱歌,一面写一首抒情诗,忽然看见女孩子们在树林里奔跑,后面紧跟着那红脸的乔。

  原句里一连串出现了一系列的动词如:lying, listening, composing, saw,这是按汤姆进行这些动作的先后顺序来描述的,如果在译文中打乱这些顺序,就反而会显得凌乱,没有逻辑。



  例3 他经常做礼拜的时候,总坐在固定的座位上,可是那天他们发现他不坐在老地方。


  译文1:When he attended worship, he always took a certain seat, but they found that he took a different one that day.

  译文2:They remarked how he took a different seat from that which he usually occupied when he chose to attend worship.



  1.We wish to convey to you ________________ (我们衷心的祝贺).

  2. __________________(无论从哪一方面考虑),they ought to be given another chance.

  3. ________________(随着时间的流逝),.they forgot their bitter sufferings.

  4.We must _______________(使自己适应)the demands of our times; otherwise we'll fall behind the other industrialized nations of the world.

  5.The number of the students in the city has ___________________ (增加了五倍) in comparison with 2001.

  1. our hearty congratulations

  解析:全句意为:我们希望向你表达我们衷心的祝福。主要考查词是"衷心的"。hearty 表示发自内心的,衷心的,亲切的,热烈的意思。如:a hearty welcome(热烈的欢迎);a hearty invitation(真诚的邀请);a hearty support(全力的支持。另外,"希望(做)某事"可以说成:wish to do sth./ wish + sth.

  2. Taking everything into consideration

  解析:本题考查的是反面表达法。"无论从哪一方面考虑"即:方方面面都考虑到。"考虑"的短语表达有:take sth. into consideration /take sth. into account 。因为此句主句已给出,所以take应用现在分词的形式,在句中作原因状语。本句采用反译法,使译文符合英文表达习惯。

  3. With the passage of time

  解析: 本题是考查固定搭配,"时间流逝"应译为 the passing / passage of time ,"随着"应选用介词with,请看例句:We grow older with the hours.(我们随着时光流逝而长大。)

  4. adapt ourselves to

  解析:本句意为:我们必须使自己适应这个时代的要求,否则就会落后于世界其他工业国家。主要考查"使......适应" 的用法:adapt to / adapt sb. to,如:adapt themselves to city life(使他们适应城市生活);You should adapt yourself to the new environment.(你应该适应新环境)。adapt 除了有"使适应"含义外,还有"改编,改写"之意。考生也常将adapt 和 adopt相混淆。adopt有"采纳,接受,领养"之意。

  5. increased 6 times

  解析:本题考查关于倍数的说法。"增加了5倍"即增加到6倍。用times与fold表示"增加"时,要注意英语要多说一倍。如Output of coal increased four times(或fourfold).(媒产量增加了3倍)。


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