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  A) The grades have been calculated correctly.

  B) The woman will get the grade she deserves.

  C) The woman received one of the highest grades.

  D) The woman’s grade can’t be changed.


  A) Linda didn’t like it.

  B) Bill lost it.

  C) It was very expensive.

  D) It was very small.


  A) She left the lecture for a few minutes.

  B) She was reading doing the lecture.

  C) She may have fallen asleep.

  D) She misunderstood the speaker’s last points.


  A) Continue to read.

  B) Meet the woman at the library.

  C) Make some coffee.

  D) Go out with some friends.


  A) The man hasn’t seen Joan recently.

  B) The man plans to call Joan soon.

  C) Joan doesn’t know what happened to the book.

  D) Joan gave the book to the man.


  61. W:Dr. Eliot, I’d like you to check the way you calculated my grade for this test, I think you may have made a mistake in adding up the number of questions I got right. When I added them up I came up with a slightly higher grade than you did.

  M:I’d be happy to check it for you. if I made a mistake in determining the grade I’ll be sure to correct it. Don’t worry.

  Q:What does the man imply? (B)

  62. M:Did you see the diamond ring Bill gave to Linda?

  W:I sure did. It must have cost him an arm and a leg.

  Q:What does the woman imply about the ring?(C)

  63. M:That last speaker was pretty boring. But he did make a few good points at the end.

  W:Really? I didn’t catch them. I must have dozed off for a minute.

  Q:What does the woman mean?(C)

  64. W:Hey, Larry. What about meeting a few of us for coffee in a little while?

  M:Hmm. I would if I weren’t so far behind in this reading I’m doing for history.

  Q:What will the man probably do?(A)


  61.B 该组对话虽长,但还是要抓住关键词(calculate, grade, slightly higher, check, correct)和重点句型(if...)

  62.C cost one an arm and a leg或cost a fortune:意思是很贵。

  63.C doze off:打瞌睡。

  64.A 重点是虚拟语气。

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