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  Passage 3

  Americans are proud of the medical (S1)_________ made in this country. Medical scientists have found cures and (S2)_______ for many diseases. They have learned a great deal about cancer and heart disease. Many lives have been saved. American (S3)_______ are the most modern and best-equipped medical (S4)_________ in the world. But this degree of (S5)__________ has been expensive.

  Medical care in the United States is expensive. There is no national health plan for Americans. But there are many programs (S6)_________ for the purpose. Many people have health plans at the companies where they work. Under these plans, the company pays a fixed sum of money regularly into a fund. Then when the (S7)_________ needs medical help, he can use money from the fund to pay for it.

  Other people have health insurance. (S8)___________________________________________. In some medical plans, the insurance company is also the medical institution. People regularly pay the hospital directly. (S9)______________________________________________________.

  The government has health insurance programs for older people, poor people and those with long term illness. (S10)____________________________________________________________.


  (S1) achievements

  (S2) prevention(S3) hospitals

  (S4) facilities

  (S5) excellence

  (S6) available

  (S7) employee

  (S8) They pay some money each month to insurance companies, which then pay for medical expenses when they are needed.

  (S9) Then when they need medical treatment, they go to the hospital without paying more money.

  (S10) These programs make medical care available to those without their own health insurance.

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