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  A) She’ll drop the man off on the way to work.

  B) The man can ride downtown with her.

  C) The man will have to leave earlier than usual.

  D) She can’t give the man a ride.


  A) Take the class this semester.

  B) Get permission to take the class.

  C) Take the class over again.

  D) Register for the class next semester.


  A) He already has plans for Saturday night.

  B) The woman should decide where to eat Saturday.

  C) The woman should ask her brother for a suggestion.

  D) He will make a reservation at the restaurant.


  A) He doesn’t like his new eyeglass frames.

  B) He didn’t get a haircut.

  C) He got his eyeglasses a long time ago.

  D) Several people have asked him about his new eyeglass frames.


  A) She’s not qualified to write the report.

  B) She’s too busy to help the man.

  C) She’s surprised by the man’s request.

  D) She’d rather meet the man tonight.


  56. M:Can I get a ride into the office with you tomorrow?

  W:Another day would be fine. But I’ve got to be downtown for a meeting first thing in the morning.

  Q:What does the woman imply?(D)

  57. W:I can’t decide whether I should take physics now or wait till next semester.

  M:You might as well get it over with if you can.

  Q:What does the man suggest the woman do? (A)

  58. W:My brother is coming this weekend and I thought the three of us could go out to dinner Saturday night. Any suggestions?

  M:It’s up to you. I don’t know the restaurants around here that well. So you know a better place to go than me.

  Q:What does the man mean?(B)

  59. W:You look different today. Did you get a haircut?

  M:That’s funny. You’re the third person to ask me that. But all I did was get new frames for my eyeglasses.

  Q:What does the man imply?(B)

  60. M:This report is due tomorrow. Would you be able to work on it with me tonight?

  W:Unfortunately I have another commitment.

  Q:What does the woman mean?(B)


  56.D 序数词first thing和动作got to be downtown说明了另外动作发生的不可能性,即"我不能带你"。我要收藏

  57.A 听力的重点是get sth over (with):to finish sth。

  58.B up to you:你做决定。

  59.B 听力重点在于but后面的内容。

  60.B 否定词unfortunately表明说者很可能要拒绝。

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