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  One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be airconditioned and I couldn’t face my 71 apartment. Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the 72 between the two tall heads in front of me. I had to keep changing the 73 every time she leaned over to talk to him, 74 he leaned over to kiss her. Why do Americans display such 75 in a public place? I thought the movie would be good for my English, but 76 it turned out, it was an Italian movie. 77 about an hour I decided to give up on the movie and 78 on my popcorn ( 爆玉米花 ). I’ve never understood why they give you so much popcorn! It tasted pretty good, 79.

  After a while I heard 80 more of the romanticsounding Italians. I just heard the 81 of the popcorn crunching ( 咀嚼 ) between my teeth. My thought started to 82. I remembered when I was in South Korea (韩国 ), I 83 to watch Kojak on TV frequently. He spoke perfect Korean—I was really amazed. He seemed like a good friend to me, 84 I saw him again in New York speaking 85 English instead of perfect Korean. He didn’t even have a Korean accent and I 86 like I had been betrayed.

  When our family moved to the United States six years ago, none of us spoke any English. 87 we had begun to learn a few words, my mother suggested that we all should speak English at home. Everyone agreed, but our house became very 88 and we all seemed to avoid each other. We sat at the dinner table in silence, preferring that to 89 in a difficult language. Mother tried to say something in English but it 90 out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and decided to forget it! We’ve been speaking Korean at home ever since.

  71.A.warm   B. hot C. heated    D. cool

  72.A.crack   B. blank  C. break    D. opening

  73.A.aspect   B. view C. space    D. angle

  74.A.while    B. wheneverC. or      D. and

  75.A.attraction B. attention C. affection   D. motion

  76.A.since   B. when C. what     D. as

  77.A.Within B. After  C. For     D. Over

  78.A.concentrate B. chew C. fix     D. taste

  79.A.too     B. still C. though   D. certainly

  80.A.much   B. any C. no     D. few

  81.A.voice   B. sound C. rhythm    D. tone

  82.A.wonder  B. wander C. imagine    D. depart

  83.A.enjoyed  B. happened C. turned    D. used

  84.A.until    B. because C. then    D. therefore

  85.A.artificial  B. informal C. perfect    D. practical

  86.A.felt     B. looked  C. seemed   D. appeared

  87.A.While   B. If  C. Before    D. Once

  88.A.empty   B. quiet  C. stiff     D. calm

  89.A.telling   B. uttering  C. saying    D. speaking

  90.A.worked  B. gotC. came    D. made






  71.B 本题考查考生理解能力。在夏天,公寓里没有空调,所以应该很热。故答案为hot。

  72.D crack指“裂缝”, blank指“空白”, break指“破裂,休息”, opening指“空缺,口子”。这里指通过两个人头之间的空隙来看电影,应该用opening。

  73.D 这里考查词汇和理解。原文表示前面人头位置一变,自己就要改变角度看电影。A指“方面”,B指“视野”,C指“空间”。因此,应该选择D.angle。

  74.C 联系上题,“男的侧身过去与女的说话”与“女的侧身吻男的

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