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  1.Y 2.Y 3.N. 4.Y. 5.NG 6. N 7. Y 8. unwelcome emails

  9. names and contact information 10. economic gain

  2007年6月英语四级答案 A卷(B卷见最后)


  11.C) it might appeal more to viewers over 40

  12.D)the man admires the woman's talent in writing

  13 B)the woman saved the man some trouble

  14.A)he quit teaching in June

  15.C)she only read part of the book

  16.D)she had been away from school to attend to her husband

  17.D) the Smith's new house if not far from their old one

  18 A) the man had a hard time finding a parking place

  19.C)The hotel clerk tried to take advantage of his inexperience.

  20.B)There was a conference going on in the city.

  21.A)It was free of charge on weekends

  22.C)Complain to the hotel manager

  23.B)Assistant Director of the Admission Office.

  24.A)nearly fifty percent are foreigners

  25.C)She will be more involved in policy making.

  26.C) her parents immigrated to America

  27.B) He was crippled in a car accident

  28.D) she was highly devoted to her family

  29 C) he was seriously injured

  30 A) he was able to talk again

  31.B)Two and a half months.

  32.D)They declined to give detail of his condition.

  33.A)For people to share ideas and show farm products.

  34.B)By bring a grain in exchange for a ticket.

  35.D)They remind the Americans of the importance of agriculture.

  36 meaning

  37 adjusting

  38 aware

  39 competition

  40 standards

  41 accustomed

  42 semester

  43 inquire

  44 at their worst ,they may threaten to take their children out of college or cut off funds

  45 think it only right and natural that they determine what their children do with their lives

  46 who are now young adults must ,be the ones responsible for what they do and what they are


  47. L complained

  48. G seriously

  49. I determining

  50. D range

  51. O specialize

  52. F issues

  53. B involves

  54. M respect

  55. J limited

  56. C significant


  57. D) one cannot use them at the same time.

  58. B) attempting to edit as they write

  59. C) To get one's ideas down

  60. B) it takes too much time to edit afterwards

  61. A) It refines his writing into better shape

  62. B) She is fed up with the issue of gender discrimination

  63. A) the very fact that she is a woman

  64. C) People's stereotyped attitude towards female scientists

  65. D) More female students are pursuing science than before

  66. C) Women can balance a career in science and having a family


  67. A) injured

  68. B) Almost

  69. D) across

  70. C) personnel

  71. B) in

  72. C) arrival

  73. D) provided

  74. A) never

  75. D) mixed

  76. B) as

  77. C) under

  78. A) facilities

  79. B) dreaming

  80. C) farming

  81. D) nothing

  82. A) lines

  83. C) estimate

  84. B) away

  85. D) recovery

  86. A) from


  87. take people's sleep quality into account

  88. the field (where) we can cooperate / the field in which we can cooperate

  89. decided to quit the match

  90. contact us at the following address

  91. if it is convenient for you / at your convenience

  2007年6月英语四级答案 B卷


  B卷答案:11-15 BACBA 16-20 DCBBD 21-25 ADCDB 26-30 ADCAB 31-35 ADBCC


  57-61 DBBCD 62-66 ACABD

  67-71 CCBAD 72-76 ABCAD 77-81 CDBAB 82-86 CADCB

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