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  1. D) a powerful force for global integration

  2. C) at an annual rate of 3.9 percent

  3. B) 20%

  4. D) They give them chances for international study or internship

  5. A) Yale's collaboration with Fudan University on genetic research

  6. C) It was intentionally created by Stanford University.

  7. B) It has been unsteady for years.

  8. changes in the visa process

  9. take their knowledge and skills back home

  10. strengthen the nation


  11. C) She was somewhat overweight

  12. D) At a hotel reception

  13. B) Having confidence in her son

  14. A) Have a short break

  15. D) He has been in perfect condition

  16. B) She still keeps some old furniture in her new house

  17. D) The woman forgot lending the book to the man

  18. C) The man doesn't look like a sportsman

  19. A)She has packed it in one of her bags.

  20. C) It will last one week.

  21. B) The taxi is waiting for them.

  22. A) At home.

  23. C) She is tired of her present work.

  24. A) Translator.

  25. D) Education and experience.

  26. A) They care a lot about children.

  27. B) Their birth information is usually kept secret.

  28. C) They have mixed feelings about finding their natural parents.

  29. D) Adoption has much to do with love.

  30. B) He bought The Washington Post.

  31. A) She was the first woman to lead a big U.S publishing company.

  32. D) Katharine had exerted an important influence on the world.

  33. C) It'll protect them from possible financial crises.

  34. A) They can't immediately get back the money paid for their medical cost.

  35. B) They needn't pay the entire medical bill at once.


  36. alarming

  37. increased

  38. sheer

  39. disturbing

  40. comparison

  41. proportion

  42. workforce

  43. reverse

  44. The percentage of people living in cities is much higher than the percentage working in industry.

  45. There is not enough money to build adequate houses for the people that live there, let alone the new arrivals.

  46. So the figures for the growth of towns and cities represent proportional growth of unemployment and underemployment


  Section A

  47. K. projects

  48. M. role

  49. A. acting

  50. J. offers

  51. D. cooperative

  52. G. forward

  53. F. especially

  54. I. information

  55. O. victims

  56. E. entire.

  阅读 Section B

  57. A) All its courses are offered online.

  58. C) a minimum or total absence of face-to-face instruction.

  59. D) work on the required courses whenever and wherever.

  60. C) There is no mechanism to ensure that they make the required effort.

  61. B) cutting down on their expenses.

  62. D) A lot of distractions compete for children's time nowadays.

  63. B) Her way to success was full of pains and frustrations.

  64. C) She wanted to share her stories with readers.

  65. A) she believed she had the knowledge and experience to offer guidance

  66. B) Children should be allowed freedom to grow through experience.


  67) A as

  68) C to

  69) D distinguished

  70) A related

  71) C In

  72) B much

  73) D behavior

  74) B but

  75) C negative

  76) A given

  77) D consistent

  78) A consumers

  79) D favorable

  80) C Moreover

  81) B enhancing

  82) A readily

  83) D volume

  84) B amount

  85) D intentions

  86) A turn


  87. Thanks to a series of new inventions

  88. I am more inclined to get tired than before

  89. no matter what kind of sacrifice I will make

  90. the former is more convenient and time-saving / it is more....

  91. is measured by how much they can borrow

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