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  1、 C They knew none of the other guests at the party.

  2、 B To the dentist's

  3、 C Dr.Andrews used to keep his patients waiting.

  4、 A Tom is usually talkative.

  5、 D To get the seminar schedule for the woman.

  6、 A The woman has to get the textbooks in other ways.

  7、 B Meet his lawyer.

  8、 A Jessic always says what she thinks.

  9、 D Helen is quiet.

  10、 D Jimmy's words are often not reliable.

  11、 C It has done more harm than good in the southern USA.

  12、 B They will soon be overgrown with kudzu.

  13、 C The climate there is unfavorable to its growth.

  14、 D An association of teachers and scholars

  15、 A Its largest expansinon took place during that period.

  16、 B Government funding.

  17、 C He started the organization Heifer International.

  18、 A To help starving families to become self-supporting.

  19、 A They should help other families the way they have been helped.

  20、 B It has helped relieve hunger in some developing countries.

  21. D they have difficulty finding qualified personnel at home

  22. D seeks either his own or his children's development

  23. A take cultural factors into consideration

  24. C provide a detailed description of their study and work experiences

  25. B the differences between the varieties of English

  26. C rewarding

  27. A girls will turn out to be less valuable than boys

  28. B girls can gain equal access to education

  29. C It will yield greater returns than other known investments.

  30. D the economic and social benefits of educating women

  31. C To prevent the car thief from restarting it once it stops.

  32. B self-prepared tools are no longer enough for car theft

  33. A A coded ignition key.

  34. D To allow for possible errors in the GPS system.

  35. B Contact the car owner.

  36. B Older parents can take better care of their children.

  37. D They have to go on working beyond their retirement age.

  38. C older parents tend to be concerned about their aging bodies

  39. A Approaching of death.

  40. C Not until they had the twins did they feel they had formed a family.



  41. A current

  42. B mood

  43. D evidence

  44. A held back

  45. D preferences

  46. C derive

  47. B occur

  48. D illegal

  49. A feature

  50. B forbids

  51. C penalty

  52. A distinguish

  53. D pick up

  54. C impression

  55. B participate

  56. D hold on to

  57. B tackle

  58. A state

  59. C significant

  60. D soared

  61. C symptoms

  62. A laid off

  63. B traced

  64. D proportion

  65. B burdened

  66. A performance

  67. C apply

  68. D affordable

  69. B treat

  70. D Inspired

  71. A ago 72. C idea 73. B come 74. A indoor 75. D revealed

  76. B down 77. C safe 78. A reduced 79. D destroy 80. B however

  81. C completely 82. A or 83. B fact 84. D developed 85. A starts

  86. D inevitably 87. C instead 88. C adopting 89. B beneficial 90. A Entire

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