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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午1:52

  作者:恩波英语 庆学先

  Part I Listening Comprehension

  1. A) See a doctor.

  2. C) The woman prefers to take the 2:30 train.

  3. D) She’ll consult Dr. Garcia about entering graduate school.

  4. A) Alice didn’t seem to be nervous during her speech.

  5. C) There are more extremes in the weather.

  6. B) At a bookstore.

  7. A) The man can stay in her brother’s apartment.

  8. C) It’s more effective to combine listening with reading.

  9. B) It will most likely prove ineffective.

  10. D) Apply for a job in the electronic company.

  11. D) It reduces the chance of death for heart surgery patients.

  12. A) It keeps blood vessels from being blocked.

  13. A) It is harmful to heart surgery patients with stomach bleeding.

  14. B) They are very likely to succeed in life.

  15. C) They get less attention from their parents.

  16. A) They usually don’t follow family rules.

  17. C) They were puzzled by his decision.

  18. B) It is much cheaper than space travel.

  19. B) They can both be quite challenging.

  20.D) To explain why he took up underwater exploration.

  Part II Reading Comprehension

  21. D) People the world over enjoy eating their company’s potato chips

  22. D) It needs to turn to the world market for development

  23. A) consumers worldwide today are attracted by global brands

  24. B) To promote the company’s strategy of globalization.

  25. C) will be in the interest of the local people

  26. A) A huge financial problem has arisen.

  27. C) They pooled their efforts to help solve it.

  28. B) unthinkable

  29. A) To see if there was a deliberate cover-up of the problem.

  30. D) keep people properly informed of the crisis.

  31. A) the benefits of manageable stress

  32. B) stay away from

  33. C) doing challenging work may be good for one’s health

  34. B) the outcome was beyond their control

  35. C) short bursts of stress hormones enhance memory function

  36. D) the child may feel that he owes her an apology

  37. B) I’m aware you’re upset, but I’m not to blame

  38. C) it is vague and ineffective

  39. B) their ages should be taken into account

  40. D) not as simple as it seems

  Part III Vocabulary

  41. C) fate

  42. B) delivery

  43. A) enthusiasm

  44. B) witnesses

  45. A) unstable

  46. D) take on

  47. A) see to

  48. D) Nevertheless

  49. C) loan

  50. D) locate

  51 A) excuse

  52. C) targets

  53. D) source

  54. B) dim

  55. D) flexible

  56. B) get over

  57. A) In view of

  58. C) transferred

  59. D) insert

  60. B) decorated

  61. C) torn down

  62. B) at intervals

  63. C) deposit

  64. D) keen

  65 A) Excessive

  66. C) not to speak of

  67. A) involve

  68. B) may

  69. D) concerned about

  70. D) anniversary

  Part IV Cloze

  71. A) called

  72. A) incident

  73. D) often

  74. A) confronted

  75. B) to

  76. C) when

  77. D) published

  78. C) with

  79. B) average

  80. D) serious

  81. C) But

  82. A) require

  83. A) include

  84. D) stressful

  85. B) what

  86. C) easily

  87. B) may

  88. D) Another

  89. A) Whatever

  90. C) least

  Part V Writing (省略)

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