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  PartⅠ Listening Comprehension

  Section A

  1.D) The man used to own a car

  2.A) Tony should continue taking the course.

  3.A) She has to study for the exam.

  4.C) They will continue to exist along with on-line education.

  5.B) Most students find a job by reading advertisements.

  6.D) Finish his assignment.

  7.C) Some of the students are not on the professor's list.

  8.B) She's modest about her success in the contest.

  9.C) Reading newspapers.

  10.A) They shouldn't change their plan.

  Section B Compound Dictation

  S1. quality

  S2. investigated

  S3. value

  S4. familiar

  S5. recommend

  S6. perhaps

  S7. additional

  S8. Equivalent German models tend to be heavier 曙???????版权所有沪江网???????曙and slightly less easy to use.

  S9. Similarly, it is smaller than most of its competitors, thus fitting easily into a pocket or a handbag.

  S10. The only problem was slight awkwardness in loading the film.

  PartⅡ Reading Comprehension

  11.A) shorten the duration of the illness

  12.D) over-the-counter drugs can be taken to ease the misery caused by a cold or the flu

  13.C) one should take medicine upon catching the disease

  14.B) A high temperature

  15.A) are advised not to give them aspirin

  16.C) Japanese preschool education emphasizes academic instruction

  17.B) group experience

  18.D) shaping children's character

  19.C) lighten children's study load

  20.D) They can have better chances of getting a first-rate education.

  21.D) the US is the major source of lead pollution in arctic snow

  22.B) was enforced by law

  23.D) By comparing the chemical compositions of leaded gasoline used in various countries.

  24.A) forests get rid of lead pollution faster than expected

  25.C) still consider lead pollution a problem

  26.B) They usually ignore the effect of exercise on losing weight.

  27.B) they find it hard to exercise while on a diet

  28.B) partially believe diet plays a supporting role in weight reduction

  29.C) Weight reduction is impossible without exercise.

  30.D) To show the most effective way to lose weight.

  Part Ⅲ Vocabulary

  31.B) clumsy

  32.B) career

  33.C) register

  34.D) put aside

  35.C) exhausted

  36.B) evaluate

  37.A) slender

  38.C) accompany

  39.B) conscious

  40.B) slightest

  41.D) affection

  42.D) temporary

  43.A) Above all

  44.C) contributed

  45.B) range

  46.D) count on

  47.C) manually

  48.A) loosen

  49.C) inference

  50.D) particular

  51.B) figures

  52.A) exception

  53.B) rank

  54.A) illustrated

  55.D) afford

  56.B) constant

  57.C) involving

  58.D) Tame

  59.A) resign

  60.D) insured

  Part IV Cloze

  61. C)way

  62. A)save

  63. B)to

  64. C)simple

  65. D)think

  66. B)best

  67. B)whose

  68. C)in

  69. B)takes

  70. D)model

  71. B)make

  72. A)adopt

  73. D)keep

  74. B)possession

  75. A)run

  76. A)appliance

  77. B)purpose

  78. C)item

  79. A)what

  80. D)from

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