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  1. D Mark and the woman had not been in touch for some time

  2. C The man is meeting the women on behalf of MR. Brown

  3. C at 10:40

  4. A The man no longer smokes

  5. B Become a teacher

  6. D Leave his job to work for her

  7. B She can help the man out

  8. A The man was confused about the date of the appointment.

  9. C The two speakers are seniors at college

  10. B She als0 found the plot difficult to follow.

  S1. popular

  S2. historical

  S3. prints

  S4. instruments

  S5. permitted

  S6. established

  S7. destroyed

  S8. In 1897, the library moved into its own building across the street from the Capitol

  S9. The library provides books and materials to the US Congress and also lends books to other American libraries, government agencies and foreign libraries.

  S10. Anyone who wants copyright protection for a publication in the US must send two copies to the library.


  11. C the interpersonal relationships within a company

  12. A give his boss a good impression

  13. B They feel that such behavior is unprincipled

  14. D an important factor for personal advancement

  15. B self-promotion does not necessarily mean flattery

  16. A block any legislation to ban the private possession of the bomb

  17. C people's lives will be threatened by the weapon

  18. A will frighten away any possible intruders

  19. D the cost of the weapon will put citizens on an unequal basis

  20. D concerned about the spread of nuclear weapons

  21. B a challenge to traditional views on the nature of language

  22. C an English teacher in a university for the deaf

  23. B a genuine language

  24. D a language could only exist in the form of speech sounds

  25. D language is a product of the brain

  26. A to voice her support for a total ban of landmines

  27. D Seeing the pain of the victims made her realize the seriousness of the situation

  28. B they were actually opposed to banning landmines

  29. A She paid no attention to them

  30. B It had brought her closer to the ordinary people


  31. A in particular 32. C affected 33. D on 34. B equipped 35. C range

  36. D discipline 37. D dispute 38.C confused 39. B entitles 40. A barrier

  41.C mobile 42.D exaggerating 43.B on the contrary 44.B precaution 45.A Perceiving

  46.C expand 47. D expense 48.B indispensable 49.A comes to 50.C substitute

  51.C proportions 52.B restrain 53.D echo 54.B put away 55.A hint

  56 D consult 57. C imitating 58.A failure 59.D embraces 60.A tedious


  61.A about 62. B waving 63.B after 64.D not 65.A historical

  66.C identify 67.C fought 68.D idea 69.B signed 70.A place

  71. A Even 72.B just 73. D directly 74. A competitiveness 75.D as

  76. D good 77.C on 78. C teaching 79. A done 80.C and



  A brief introduction to a tourist attraction

  Good morning, ladies and gentleman, welcome to Beijing. To begin with, I would like to introduce myself: I am the tourist guide from China Travel Service and it’s great honor to stay here with all of you for a whole day. Just as the old saying goes, “It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”, I wish all of you to enjoy yourselves during this trip.

  The following is schedule of the day. The first spot we are going to visit is the Great Wall, the grandest fortification in ancient China. The next sight to look around is the Ming Tombs, which is one of the best-preserved tombs for 13 emperors in Ming Dynasty more than one thousand years ago. In the afternoon, we will go for the Summer Palace, the royal park for Chinese ancient emperors.

  Currently we are on the way to the Great Wall. Dating back to the seven century B.C., the Great Wall is constructed by respective states for fortifying against invasion of neighboring states. By the reasons of long history and its length, it becomes one of the eight wonders in the world and represents the highest wisdom and crafts. From the top of the Great Wall, we can enjoy a magnificent view of continuous mountains, green trees and blooming wild flowers. It is no doubt that one says, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”.

  Above is my introduction to the Great Wall. If any of you have questions, please feel free to ask me at any time.

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