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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午9:21

  complement v. 补充,补足。

  compliment v. /n. 赞美

  comply with v. 遵从,遵守

  compulsory a. 强制性的,必做的 ~ education

  conceive of v. 构想 I can’t ~ of why he did such a stupid thing!

  confidential a. 机密的

  conform to v. 遵守 ~ to the local customs

  consequent a. (作为后果) 随之发生的 n. 接连发生的事情,结果

  conserve v. 保存;保护;节省

  consolidate v. 巩固

  contaminate v. 污染

  contemplate v. 盘算

  contempt v. 鄙视,蔑视

  confine v. 限制

  corrupt a./v. 腐败,腐烂。

  cozy a. 舒适的 a ~ bedroom

  counterpart n. 相对应的人或物

  criterion n. 标准 =standard = gauge

  cynical a. 愤世嫉俗的


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