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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午9:17

  carve v. 雕刻

  casualty n.伤亡人员

  cater to v.迎合

  >cater to the consumers

  caution n.小心

  cherish v.珍爱

  chronic a.慢性的

  circulation n.循环;发行(量)

  >Reader has the largest circulation in china

  climax n.高潮

  >the climax of the play

  cling to v.紧紧抓住,依恋;坚持,墨守

  >The baby clung to his mother./~ to the hope that……

  coincidence n.巧合

  collaboration n.合作 in ~ with

  collide v.相撞;冲突 The two opinions ~ with each other

  commence v.开始

  commute v.乘车上下班

  compact a.紧凑的,结实的

  >a ~ car /office

  compensate v.赔偿


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