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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 上午10:35

  startle v. 惊吓

  substantial a. 实质性的

  sufficient a. 充分的,足够的

  supplement v./n. 补充>He ~ed his income by taking apart-time job.

  safeguard v. 保护 n。安全措施

  savage a. 野蛮的 =not civilized

  scent n. 香味 The scent of women(Oscar 影片)

  scrutiny n. 详细审查

  setback n. 挫折,退步,逆流

  shatter v. 使粉碎> It shattered my dream.

  simulate v. 模仿,冒充,假装

  skeptical a. 怀疑的 skeptic 怀疑论者

  slack a. 松弛的

  sneak v. 鬼鬼祟祟地做

  sober a. 冷静的

  spectacle n. 奇观

  spectator n. 观众,旁观者

  spontaneous a. 自发的

  stability n. 稳定

  stagger v. 蹒跚

  stationary a. 固定的

  stimulus n. 刺激(物)

  straightforward a. 坦率的 a ~ reply

  stubborn a. 倔强的

  stumble v. 绊倒

  subscribe to v. 订阅

  subsidy n. 补贴

  subtle a. 微妙的>the ~ difference of the two words

  supervise v. 监督

  suppressv. 镇压; 抑制

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