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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 上午12:48
  第六章 省略


  Exercise When a man has a gun against your head you do what you’re told.

  Competitors may not be aware of one another, while the parties to a conflict one

  The problematic situation set the interests of environmentalists against those of corporations and of individuals who stood to lose jobs.

  要点:what you’re told后面省略了"to do"。 在ask,order等动词后一般都出现这种省略。


  要点:while连词在句中表示转折。while句中分,补全成分应为"...,while the parties to a conflict are aware of one another."




  Exercise Clearly,protecting will come only through coordinated international efforts to control human population, stabilize the composition of the atmosphere, and preserve intact Earth’s complex web of life.

  When first given to individuals,animals, and places they were chosen carefully with a hope of endowing whatever was named with some sort of magic.

  If you think as much of others as of yourself, you will not make any of these mistakes. 要点:to control....,stabilize...,and preserve...为三个并列的动词不定式,修饰efforts."stabilize"和’preserve"两词前省略"to"


  要点:when引导的时间状语从句中,主语是"they",即句子中的"names",谓语动词是"were given",为了避免重复,与主句中相同的部分省略了.whatever引导的从句作动名词endowing的宾语.


  要点:句中as much ....as连接的平行结构有两个: think of others和(think) of yourself.在连词as后面省略了与前半句相同的部分think.全句应为: If you think of others as much as you think of yourself....


  Exercise Then he called in his two remaining women secretaries and handed them capsules of poison to use if they wished to when the advancing Russians broke in.

  Whatever his rank, however rich or poor, an Egyptian believed in another life after death, provided he had pleased the gods.

  My mother Jane, died in her 88th year, a mighty age for one who at 40 was so delicate of body as to be accounted a confirmed invalid, destined to pass away. 要点:if they wished to 后面省略了use.这种省略的动词要根据上文来判断。


  要点:句中的两个让步状语"whatever his rank, however rich or poor"是两个省略句。完整的句子应为:“whatever his rank is, however rich or poor he is".句子中provided he had pleased the gods 是由连词provided引出的条件状语从句,类似意义的词还有:providing,(常用于口语和商业英语中,不用于书面语),given,supposing等。例如:Supposing the plane doesn’t arrive on time, we’ll have to postpone the meeting.


  要点:此句中Jane是my mother的同位语,a mighty age for one 是her 88th year的同位语。”who at 40...destined to pass away"是one的定语从句。“to be accounted a confirmed invalid ,destined to pass away "是一个省略了成分的并列动词不定式结构。此短语补齐后应该是:to be accounted a confirmedivalid , and to be destined to pass away,省略and to be 是为了避免重复多余的词。


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