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  1. I’d ______ into account his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community, and te make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan.

  2. Computer techonology will ______ about a revolution in business administration.

  3. Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are ______ in grocery stores.

  4. Purchasing the new production line will be a ______ deal for the company.

  5. The ______ lawyer made a great impression on the jury.

  6. In addition to the rising birthrate and immigration, the ______ death rate contributed to the population growth.

  7. We managed to reach the top of the mountain, and half an hour later we began to ______.

  [A] take [B] profitable [C] forceful [D] available

  [E] bring [F] make [G] defending [H] ready 我要收藏

  [I] descend [J] ascend [K] declining [L] inclining



  take vt.带(去),携带;做(一次动作);乘(车),上(船);测定,拍(照);记录;理解,领会

  [短语]take...for 把...认为是,把...看成为;take in 接受,接纳,吸收;包括;领会,理解;欺骗;take off 脱下;起飞;匆匆离开;take on 开始雇用;呈现,具有;同...较量,接受...的挑战;承担,从事;take out 带...出去(吃饭或看电影等);除掉,毁掉;(通过申请等)取得,办理;(on)对...发泄;take over 接受,接管;承袭,借用;take to 对...产生好感,开始喜欢;开始从事,形成...的习惯;take up 开始从事;把...继续下去;着手处理;占去,占据;(on)接受邀请;(with)与...成朋友

  [范例]Where there is no one to work the fields, Kudzu soon takes over.只要每人耕种的地,野葛都以极快的速度占领。[06.6 听力]


  bring vt.带来,拿来;把...引来;促使,说服,劝使;使发生,使处于某种状态

  [短语]bring about 导致,引起;bring around/round 说服,使信服;使恢复知觉(或健康);bring to 使恢复知觉;bring forth 产生,提出;bring forward 提前;提出,提议;bring off 使实现,做成;bring on 引起,助长,促进;bring out 出版,推出;使显出;激起,引起;bring through 使(病人)脱险,使安全度过;bring up 养育,教养;提出;bring the house down 赢得观(听)众的欢呼声(掌声)

  [范例]A week by the sea brought her back to health.她在海滨呆了一周后恢复了健康。


  available adj.现成可用的,手边的;可得到的,可利用的;可取得联系的

  [搭配]be available for use 可加以利用;employ all available means 千方百计

  [范例]Educating girls quite possibly yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world. 在发展中国家,比起其他方面的投资,使女孩受教育完全可能带来更高的回报。[06.6 阅读]


  profitable adj.有利可图的,有益的

  [搭配] a profitable deal 有利可图的交易;spend a profitable afternoon in the museum 在博物馆度过一个有益的下午

  [范例] We had a profitable time at the conference because we made some new business contracts. 我们在会上签了些新的生意合同,颇有收获。


  defend vt.保护,保卫;替...辩护

  [搭配]a defending lawyer 一名辩护律师;defend sb from harm 保护某人不受伤害;defend oneself against enemy 防御敌人;defend the right of every citizen 维护每个公民的权利

  [范例]When a dog attacked me, I defended myself with a stick. 狗扑向我时,我用棍子自卫。


  decline vi.下降,减少;衰退,衰落 n.下降,减少;衰退,衰落 vt.谢绝

  [搭配]sb’s declining reputation 某人日益衰落的名声;a sharp decline in profit 利润大幅度下降;production/crime rate on the decline 产品/犯罪率正在下降

  [范例]The decline in the moral standards---which has long concerned social analysts---has at last captured the attention of average Americans. And Jean Bethke Elshtain,for one,is glad.美国大众终于开始关心道德水平的下降,而这一问题曾经在很长一段时间里只是受到了社会分析家们的关注。对此,吉恩 博斯克 埃尔斯坦因感到高兴。[02.1 阅读]


  descend vi.下来,(位置)下降;(on)袭击;(to)祖传 vt.走下,爬下

  [搭配]descend from the top of the mountain 从山顶上走下来;descend on/upon an enemy 袭击敌人

  [范例]We turned the corner and saw that the road descended steeply.我们拐过弯,看到路突然下降。


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