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  1. ______ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.

  2. In Africa, educational costs are very low for those who are ______ enough to get into universities.

  3. Do you have any ______ about what living beings on other planets would be like?

  4. In November 1987 the government ______ a public debate on the future direction of the official sports policy.

  5. His career was not ______ hindered by the fact that he had never been to college.

  [A]ambitious [B]unlike [C]notion [D]noticeably

  [E]initiated [F]alike [G]ideal [H]fortunate


  1.[A]handle [B]cope [C]tackle [D]thrive

  2.[A]similar [B]alike [C]annual [D]like

  3.[A]magnificent [B]sufficient [C]super [D]superb

  4.[A]opponent [B]opportunity [C]chance [D]occasion



  unlike adv.不同的 prep.和...不同

  [范例]His uncle promised him $100 if he could earn a like sum.如果他自己能挣到100美元,他伯伯答应给他同样数目的钱。


  fortune n.运气,时运,命运;(大量)财产,大笔的钱

  [搭配]have good/ bad fortune 运气好/坏;read/ tell sb.’s fortune 给某人算命;try one’s fortune 碰运气

  [搭配]Every man is the architect of his own fortune.每个人都是自己命运的建筑师(主宰)。


  notion n.概念,观念;意图,想法

  [搭配]have no notion of time 没有时间观念;have a sudden notion to leave 突然想离开;unrealistic notions 不切实际的想法;have no notion of resigning 没有辞职的意思

  [范例]I haven’t the faintest notion of what they mean. 我一点也不知道他们是什么意思。


  initiate vt.开始,发起;使初步了解;接纳(新成员) n.新加入组织的人

  [搭配]initiate trade with developed nations 开始与发达国家交易;initiate a reform 发起改革

  [范例]The police wanted to know who had initiated the fight.警方想知道是谁先开始动手打架的。


  noticeably adv.显而易见地

  1.[D] 2.[C] 3.[B] 4.[A]


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