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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午7:59
  Solar energy for your home is coming. It can help you as a single home owner. It can help the whole country as well. Whether or not solar energy can save your money depends on many things. Where you live is one factor. The type of home you have is another. Things like insulation present energy coasts, and the type of system you buy are added factors.

  Using solar energy can help save our precious fuel. As you know, our supplies of oil and gas are very limited. There is just not enough on hand to meet all our future energy needs. And when Mother Nature says that’s all. The only way we can delay hearing those words is by starting to save energy now and by using other sources, like the sun.

  We wont have to worry about the suns running out of energy for another several billion years or so. Besides begin an endless source of energy, the use of the sun has other advantages as well. The sun doesn’t offer as many problems as other energy sources. For example, fossil fuel plants add to already high pollution levels. With solar energy, we will still need sources of energy, but we wont need as much. That means we can cut down on our pollution problems.

  With all these good points, why don’t we use more solar power? There are many reasons for this. The biggest reason is money. Until now, it was just not practical for a home owner to put in a solar unit. There were cheaper sources of energy. All that is changing now. Solar coats are starting to equal the costs of oil and electricity. Experts say that gas, oil and electricity prices will continue to rise. The demand for electricity is increasing rapidly. But new power plants will use more gas, oil or coal. Already in some places the supply of electricity is being rationed. Solar energy is now in its infancy. It could soon grow to become a major part of our nations energy supply.

  1. Which statement best expresses the main idea?

  A) Something about Solar Energy and Pollution.

  B) Solar Energy.

  C) Energy and Pollution

  D) Energy and Money.

  2. Solar energy can help us save ____. 

  A) the earth and natural resources

  B) mother nature

  C) the sun

  D) our precious fuel

  3. The sun is an endless source of energy, it will not run out of it for ____.

  A) several million years

  B) several hundred years

  C) several billion years

  D) several thousand years

  4. Which of the following statements is correct?

  A) Energy from coal would not pollute our living environment.

  B) Energy from natural gas would not pollute our living environment.

  C) Energy from the sun would not pollute our living environment.

  D) Energy from oil would not pollute our living environment.

  5. Solar energy is now in its infancy, ____.

  A) but it will be considered as an important part of our nation s energy supply

  B) yet we will build more power plants

  C) and the supply of electricity will be rationed

  D) but we don t need practice energy rationing now


  1. 答案 B 。

  【试题分析】 此题考查文章的主题。

  【详细解答】 本文讲解太阳能,其余的答案都不符合题意。

  2. 答案 D 。

  【试题分析】 此题为直接寻找信息题。

  【详细解答】 “太阳能可以节省能源”与题意最贴切。见文章第二段第一句。

  3. 答案 C 。

  【参考译文】 太阳能是一种永恒的能源,几十亿年不会枯竭。

  【试题分析】 此题为寻找具体信息题。

  【详细解答】 文中所说的太阳的寿命是几十亿年。见文章第三段第一句。

  4. 答案 C 。

  【试题分析】 此题为判断题。

  【详细解答】 只有太阳能无污染。

  5. 答案 A 。

  【参考译文】 现在太阳能处于婴儿期,但不久将会成为我国能源的重要组成部分。

  【试题分析】 此题考查对文章主旨的理解。

  【详细解答】 太阳能将是今后的主要能源。见文章最后两句话。


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