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  Television, or TV, the modern wonder of electronics, brings the world into your own home in sight and sound. The name television comes from the Greek word tele, meaning “far”,and the Latin word videre, meaning “to see”. Thus, television means “seeing far”. Sometimes television is referred to as video, from a Latin word meaning “I see”. In Great Britain, the popular word for television is “telly”.

  Television works in much the same way as radio. In radio, sound is changed in to electromagnetic waves which are sent through the air. In TV, both sound and light are changed into electromagnetic waves. Experiments leading to modern television took place more than a hundred years ago. By the 1920s, inventors and researchers had turned the early theories into working models. Yet it took another thirty years for TV to become an industry.

  As an industry, TV provides jobs for hundreds of thousands who make TV sets and broadcasting equipment. It also provides work for actors, technicians, and others who put on programs.

  Many large schools and universities have “closed—circuit” television equipment that will telecast lectures and demonstrations to hundreds of students in different classrooms; and the lecture can be video taped to be kept for later use. Some hospitals use TV to allow medical students to get close-up view of operations.

  In 1946, after World War II, TV began to burst upon the American scene with a speed unforeseen even by the most optimistic leaders of the industry. The novelty of seeing TV pictures in the home caught the publics fancy and began a revolution in the world of entertainment. By 1950, television had grown into a major part of show business. Many film and stage stars began to perform on TV as television audiences increased. Stations that once telecast for only a few hours a day sometimes telecast around the clock in the 1960s.

  1. “… others who put on programs. ”means that ____.

  A) people get on their clothes with programs printed on

  B) people prepare and present the programs on TV

  C) people like the programs

  D) people acted in the TV programs

  2. “… to allow medical students to get close up view of operations ” suggests ____.

  A) the students can have view of operations with enlarged details

  B) the students can operate through TV

  C) the students were allowed to learn operations

  D) TV is being used by students

  3. “… TV began to burst upon the American, …” indicates that ____.

  A) in 1946 TV sets exploded in American families

  B) TV may injure people

  C) TV suddenly became available to many American families

  D) TV was very popular in 1946

  4. “ TV pictures in the home caught the public s fancy, …” tells us ____.

  A) TV pictures are better than movies

  B) TV pictures can be seen at home

  C) TV pictures can hurt people s eyes

  D) TV pictures had aroused people s interests

  5. “… sometimes telecast around the clock in the 1960s. ” means ____.

  A) TV telecast used to have a round clock

  B) people watch TV with around clock nearby

  C) TV telecast 24 hours a day in the 1960s

  现代电子科学的奇迹——电视使我们呆在家就可以知道外面的世界。“ television ”一词 来源于希腊词“ tele ”和拉丁词“ videre ”,意思是“看见远处”。电视将声音和图像以电磁波的形式发射到空气中,跟收音机的原理一样。一百多年前就开始做实验,直到 20 年代研究者们才将早期理论变成模型,又花了 30 年才成为工业产品。电视给人们提供了很多就业机会,许多大学教室里装有闭路电视,医院也用电视让学生们看清手术过程。二战后,电视在美国流行起来,到 1950 年电视成为娱乐圈的主要部分。

  1. 答案 B 。

  【试题分析】 此题考查句意理解。

  【详细解答】 这里表示的是准备和上映的意思,而不是穿上印有节目的衣服或在电视节目中表演等。

  2. 答案 A 。

  【试题分析】 此题考查句意理解。

  【详细解答】 这里表示让学生们能更清晰地观看手术过程。

  3. 答案 C 。

  【试题分析】 此题考查句意理解。

  【详细解答】 表示对很多美国家庭而言电视机突然变得很容易拥有了。

  4. 答案 D 。

  【试题分析】 此题考查句意理解。

  【关键词语】 catch one s fancy

  【详细解答】 指电视节目让人们很感兴趣而愿意收看。词组“ catch/take one s fancy ”意为“被某人喜欢”。

  5. 答案 C 。

  【试题分析】 此题考查对关键词组的理解。

  【关键词语】 around the clock

  【详细解答】 指每天 24 小时不间断地播放电视节目。…“ around/round the clock ”意思是“ all day and all night without stopping ”。


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