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  In this section there are five passages followed by ten questions or unfinished statements. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

  First read the following question.

  31. The purpose of the passage is to_____.

  A. describe ways of eliminating mosquito larvae

  B. demonstrate the great differences among kinds of mosquitoes

  C. show reasons for the high survival rate of mosquitoes

  D. give a general description of mosquito development

  Now read Text E quickly and mark your answer on your ANSWER SHEET.

  Each variety of mosquitos has its favored kind of water accumulation for breeding, and almost every imaginable type of still water has been used by at least one kind of mosquito to lay its eggs. After the eggs hatch, the larvae continue to be closely associated with water’s surface at the tail ends of their bodies. Because the larvae develop this way, they are never found in the open water of lakes where they would merely serve as fish food, or in places where they would be damaged by wave action or water currents.

  First read the following questions.

  32. The main idea of the passage is ______.

  A. how to play tennis

  B. how to win a tennis match

  C. the general introduction of the game

  D. what is a game in tennis

  33. The author drives his point home by______.

  A. giving the details B. explaining step by step C. offering strong proofs D. making vivid descriptions

  Now read Text F quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

  Let’s talk about tennis between just two players. You know that the two players hit a ball across the net. One side must hit the ball so that the other player cannot hit it back over the net. The ball must stay within the lines. If the first player can’t do this, the opponent gets a point. The players always stop when one wins a point. To start play again, one player will serve. He or she throws the ball into the air and hits it. The ball must cross the net without hitting it. The other player must hit the ball back across the net before it hits the ground twice. If the ball doesn’t hit the net or the ground twice, the players keep hitting it over the net. This goes on until someone misses. A player needs four points to win a game. If both players have three points, then one must get two more points together to win. When one player wins six games, it is called a set. If each side wins five games, then one must win two more games together to win the set. If each player wins six games, they play one more game of seven points. A match usually has three or five sets.

  First read the following question.

  34. While at London airports, you have to present your passport at______.

  A. the carousel B. the Immigration Hall C. the customs D. the Arrivals Hall

  Now read Text G quickly and mark your answer on your ANSWER SHEET.

  Arriving at London airports. Just follow these simple steps for a trouble free arrival. Follow the ARRIVALS sign if you are ending your journey in London or transferring to a UK domestic flight. This will take you to the Immigration Hall where you must present your passport and any necessary visa/health documentation.

  At HEATHROW airport proceed downstairs to claim your baggage from the carousel indicating your flight number. At GATEWICK airport proceed downstairs in the North Terminal to claim your baggage from the carousel indicating your flight number. Free trolleys are available for your bags. To clear customs take the Red Channel if you have goods to declare or the Green Channel if you have no goods to declare. You will then be in the Arrivals Hall. From here you can obtain transport into central London; transfer between GATEWICK and HEATHROW airports and transfer to UK domestic flights.

  参考答案:31. C) 32. B) 33. B) 34. B)


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