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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午6:54

  For the past two years, I have been working on students’ evaluation of classroom teaching. I have kept a record of informal conversations 71 some 300 students from at 72 twenty one colleges and universities. The students were generally 73 and direct in their comments 74 how course work could be better 75

  Most of their remarks were kindly 76—with tolerance rather than bitterness—and frequently were softened by the 77 that the students were speaking 78 some, not all, instructors. Nevertheless, 79 the following suggestions and comments indicate, students feel 80 with things as they are in the classroom. Professors should be 81 from reading lecture notes. “It makes their 82 monotonous (单调的).”If they are going to read, why not 83 out copies of the lecture? Then we 84 need to go to class. Professors should 85 repeating in lectures material that is in the textbook. 86 we’ve read the material, we want to 87 it or hear it elaborated on, 88 repeated.“A lot of students hate to buy a 89 text that the professor has written 90 to have his lectures repeat it.”

  71.A.involving B. countingC. coveringD. figuring B. leastC.lengthD. large

  73.A.reserved B. hardworkingC. politeD. frank

  74.A.over B. atC. onD. of

  75.A.presented B. submittedC. describedD. written

  76.A.received B. addressedC. madeD. taken

  77.A.occasion B. truthC. caseD. fact

  78.A.on B. aboutC. atD. with

  79.A.though B. asC. whetherD. if

  80.A.dissatisfied B. unsatisfactoryC. satisfiedD. satisfactory

  81.A.interfered B. interruptedC. discouragedD. disturbed

  82.A.voices B. soundsC. pronunciationD. gestures

  83.A.hold B. leaveC. dropD. give

  84.A.couldn’t B. wouldn’tC. mustn’tD. shouldn’t

  85.A.refuse B. prohibitC. preventD. avoid

  86.A.Once B. UntilC. HoweverD. Unless

  87.A.remember B. argueC. discussD.keep

  88.A.yet B. notC. andD.or

  89.A.desired B. revisedC. requiredD.deserved

  90.A.about B. howC. butD.only








  72.B此题考查固定搭配。at least:固定短语“至少”。

  73.D此题考查上下文理解。此句后文出现了与空缺并列的direct,意思是“直接的”,因此,要选择与此意相近的词。四个选项:A含蓄的 B努力的C.礼貌的 D.坦白的。不难得出,此题选D。

  74.Ccomment on sth. 意为“对……的评价”。

  75.A此题考查词汇和原文理解。present的意思是:to bring to sb’s notice directly,符合题意。

  76.C此题考查固定搭配。make remarks意思指的是:“对……做出评价或评论”。

  77.C此题考查词汇。by the case译为“在……情况下”。原文意思是:“在同学们谈到某些教师时,其评论言辞的犀利程度常常被弱化了。”

  78.B此题考查介词用法。speak about表示“论及;涉及”。


  80.A根据文意,同学们对于课堂的某些方面还是不满意的。这样,可判断C、D不能选。A意思是“不满意的”(人作主语); B意思是“令人不满意的”(物作主语)。



  83.D此题考查固定搭配give out,意思是“分发”。


  85.D此处考查动词的固定搭配。avoid doing sth.

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