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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午5:53




  Incomes and Savings

  From the charts we can easily find that incomes in China are increasing, and savings deposits are also increasing. In 1965, the average annual income in China increased at a rate of 6%, and the savings increased 6.5%. in 2005 the numbers soared to 29.5% and 31% respectively.

  The possible reasons, I think, may be as follows. First, with the development of the economy, the wealth of our whole nation's increasing. So this promotes the increase in income and savings. Secondly, people have changed their consumption habits greatly in recent years. For example, many parents now spend a lot on their children's education, and they have to save money for their children's higher education. Last but not least, with the increase of income, people have more money to save, which can later be spent on insurance, house payments and other large expenses.

  In my opinion, the increase of income and savings is just like a double-edged sword which can benefit the whole nation's revenue while hindering the economy's development. The more money is saved in the bank, the less money people spend. To put it briefly, I think China's government should take some effective measures to encourage consumption to promote the further development of the economy.


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