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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午5:53


  1、 根据上表,简要描述1980年与1999年我国农业、工业和服务业从业人员所占比例的情况及其变化;

  2、 请说明发生这些变化的原因;

  3、 得出结论。

  The Changes of the Percentages of Chinese Professions

  It can be seen from the chart that the great changes have occurred in the professional pattern in China between 1980 and 1999 with a great increase in the people involved either in manufacturing or service and a corresponding shrinking in agricultural population. Especially, in 1999, 38% of the Chinese working in the agriculturak industry, decreased nearly half to that of 1980 while the number of people engaged in service industry quadrupled that of 1980. Why are there such great changes during 20 years?

  In my opinion, three possible reasons contribute to it. First of all, with the development of primitive economy, more people will move over into manufacturing and the service industries. Secondly, China's open-door and economic reform policies realize more efficient and effective farming and increased urbanization. For example, with the development of what is called the village and township enterprises, a great number of farmers are now working in various small business without living their homes, which accounts mainly for the increase in manufacturing population. Finally, the economic policies result in an immense improvement in the Chinese people's living standard, which creates a great huge demand for service and thus enable the service industries to flourish and absorbs more and more people into these fields.

  As far as the effect is concerned, the changes of the percentages of Chinese professions will have far-reaching significance. On the one hand, these changes signify the great achievements China has made since she launched the economic reform and opened her door to the world. On the other hand, they also mark a great leap foward on her way towards an economic power in the world. In a word, both the nation's development and her people's living standard will get more and more benefit from these changes.


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