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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 上午9:56

  单词解释:vt.延伸,延长;扩展,扩大;提供,给予,发出 vi.伸展,延伸,延续;(在某范围或应用上)达到

  常用搭配:to extend credit/visa 延长信贷限期/签证


  1.extend 指道路或时间的延长,权力的扩大

  2.expand 侧重指体积的膨胀,通过张开、展开的方式变大

  3.spread 强调蔓延于表面,向四面八方扩展





  The Great Wall extends as far as the Jiayu Pass.


  It is quite necessary for a qualified teacher to have good manners and ( )knowledge.

  (A)extensive (B)expansive (C)intensive (D)expensive


  1.It is theorized that the universe is expanding at a rate of fifty miles per sceond per million light years.




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