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  作者:上海新东方学校 四、六级听力明星教师 陈文笠 范广军


  11. D. Give her more information.

  12. A. She’ll go without dessert.

  13. D. The man can speak a foreign language.

  14. C. See Prof. Smith

  15. B. She can pass on the message for the man.

  16. C. He’s got emotional problems.

  17. A. It’s better to buy the tickets beforehand.

  18. B. He turned suddenly and ran into a tree.

  19. A. to attend a wedding in Montreal.

  20. D. Brush up on her French.

  21. C. It has many historical buildings.

  22. A. It was about a little animal.

  23. B. She can make a living by doing what she likes.

  24. A. Her ideas.

  25. D. She doesn’t really know where they originated.


  26. D. Record students’ weekly performance.

  27. B. Lack of attention.

  28. D. They should see to it that their children have adequate sleep.

  29. C. She became a public figure.

  30. C. A motorist’s failure to concentrate.

  31. B. Nervous and unsure of herself.

  32. D. Restrictions on cell phone use while driving.

  33. A. There are too many kinds of cold viruses for them to identify.

  34. B. They show our body is fighting the virus.

  35. C. It actually does more harm than good.


  36. natural

  37. usage

  38. exception

  39. particular

  40. reference

  41. essays

  42. colleagues

  43. personal

  44. What we may find interesting is that it usually takes more words to be polite.

  45. But to a stranger, I probably would say, “Would you mind closing the door?”

  46. There are bound to be some words and phrases that belong in formal language and others that are informal.


  作者:上海新东方学校 四、六级阅读明星教师 郭将 沈志韬


  1 N

  2 N

  3 Y

  4 N

  5 Y

  6 Y

  7 NG

  8 move forward

  9 looking back

  10 the more you get back


  47 H primarily

  48 N voluntary

  49 O situation

  50 A gap

  51 L generate

  52 C purchase

  53 K insulted

  54 G potential

  55 D really

  56 F extreme


  57 A removing people’s bad living habits.

  58 B good health is more than not being ill.

  59 C is free from any kind of disease.

  60 D to keep a proper balance between work and leisure.

  61 D people who try to be as healthy as possible, regardless of their limitations.

  62 B It is a kind of bottled water.

  63 C bottled water is clearly superior to tap water.

  64 D expensive bottled water with impressive

  65 D Bottled water brings in huge profits.

  66 A It is considered healthier.

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