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  Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension

  Section A

  1. D 2.A 3.D 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.A 8.B 9.C 10.C

  Section B

  11.B 12.C 13.C 14.C 15.A

  16.B 17.D 18.B 19.B 20.B

  Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension

  21.C 22.B 23.B 24.A 25.A

  26.B 27.D 28.D 29.C 30.A

  31.D 32.A 33.C 34.A 35.D

  36.B 37.A 38.C 9.A 40.D

  Part Ⅲ Vocabulary and Structure

  41.A 42.A 43.D 44.A 45.D

  46.C 47.B 48.B 49.C 50.A

  51.A 52.B 53.D 54.B 55.D

  56.C 57.B 58.D 59.A 60.C

  61.B 62.D 63.C 64.D 65.A

  66.A 67.C 68.D 69.C 70.B

  Part Ⅳ Short Answer Questions

  S1.Plain-looking teachers can also be admired by their students if they have great personal charm.

  S2.The author says it is desirable and essential that teachers be sympathetic with their students.

  S3.A teacher should be tolerant because humans tend to have weakness and immaturity (1) and to be wrong (2).

  S4.A teacher who is a bit of an actor will be able to make his lessons more lively.

  S5.How can a teacher acquire infinite patience? By self- discipline and self – training.

  S6.Since teaching is a job no one can be perfect at, it is necessary for teachers to keep improving their knowledge of the subjects they teach and their methods by which the subjects can best be taught.

  S7.Teachers’ most important object of study is the learners to whom the subjects are to be taught.

  S8.Education cannot be best acquired without full and active co-operation between the teacher and the learner.

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