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Part Ⅰ1-5 CDAAD 6-10 BCBCD

Part Ⅱ11-15 CBABD 16-20 ACDAC21-25 DACCB 26-30 DDABC

Part Ⅲ31-35 ABBDC 36-40 BAADB41-45 ADBAC 46-50 ACCCD51-55 DDBDC 56-60 BDDACPart Ⅳ61-65 CABCA 66-70 BDCAD71-75 BDCAD 76-80 DCACD

试卷二Part ⅠS1 focused S2 emotionally S3 distant S4 cancerS5 retirement S6 crossed S7 increasinglyS8 regardless of your age,you can make a number of important changes in your current lifestyle.S9 We know much more about preventive health today than our parents and grandparents did in the past.S10 And these new knowledge can be transmited to our children to help them become healthier than our generation.

听力原文Part Ⅰ1) W:I heard you got a full mark in maths exams.Congratulations! M:Thanks!I’m sure you also did a good job. Q:What’s the probable relationship between the two speakers?

2) W:Hi,Tony.How did your experiment go yesterday? M:Well,it wasn’t as easy as I had thought .I have to continue doing it to night. Q:What do we learn from the conversation?

3) M:I hear you are moving into a new apartment soon? W:yes ,but it is more expensine.My present neighbour plays paino all night long. Q:Why is the woman moving?

4) W:Mr Jones,your student,Bill, shows great enthusiasm for music instruments. M:I only wish he showed half as much for his English lessons. Q:What do we learn from the conversation about Bill?

5) W:oh ,dear!1’m starving,I can’t walk any farther. M:Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. Q:Where are the two people?

6) W:why didn’t you make an appointment to see the doctor last week when you first twist your ankle? M:The injury didn’t seem serious then .I decided to go today ,because my foot still hurt .when I put my weigh on it . Q:Why didn’t the man .see the doctor earlier?

7) M:I wonder if Suzy will be here by 5 o’clock. W:Her husband said she left home at 4:30.she should be here at 5:10,and 5:15 at the latest. Q:what time did Suzy leave home?

8) W:When will you be through with your work,John? M:who knows? My boss usually finds something for me to do at the last minute. Q:What do we learn from the conversation?

9) W:I don’t know what I’m going to wear to the party .All of my clothes look so old and I can’t afford something new . M:Why don’t you wear your black silk dress? Q:What is the woman going to do?

10) M:How did you like yesterday’s play?W:Generally speaking,it was quite good.The part of secretary was played wonderfully,but I think the man who played the boss was too dramatic to be realistic. Q:How does the woman feel about the man?

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