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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午3:01
  pull back 撤退

  pull round 掉头,转向;康复

  pull along 沿…拉

  die off 死去,凋谢

  drop down 落下

  do sth.for a living 靠做某事谋生

  make a name of oneself 出名,扬名

  glimpse of 瞥见,一瞥

  glance at 瞥见,一瞥

  be on good terms with sb. 与某人友好

  entitle sb.(to do)sth. 给予某人(干)某事的权利

  beyond one’s power 超出某人的能力

  take interest in 对…发生兴趣

  be answerable for 应对…

  hundreds of 数以百计的

  be lacking in 缺乏

  break into tears(cheers) 突然哭(欢呼)起来

  in correspondence with 与…联系(通信)

  be advantageous to 对…有利

  be beneficial to 对…有益

  in debt to sb. 欠某人的债

  be it that 即使

  assure sb.of sth. 委托某人某事

  put(set) right 使恢复正常,纠正错误

  on the way 在途中

  off the way 远离正道

  keep on with 坚持

  make an attempt 试图

  in the mood for sth. 对某事有心境

  escape doing sth. 躲避干某事

  set a limit to 限制

  within the limit of 在…范围内

  call at 访问

  so blank (头脑)变成空白

  so dim (大脑)浑沌

  so faint 晕过去

  be subjected to 遭受

  be attached to 附属于

  not on any account 决不

  take pains to do sth. 费尽苦心做某事

  a multitude of 大量(接复数名词)

  give reason to 对…进行解释

  give suspicion to 对…怀疑

  make provision for 为…作准备

  be involved in 卷人,陷入

  be assigned to 被分配给…

  be bored to death 烦死了

  step into 插入,干涉

  adapt for 调整(以适应目标或需要)

  a close(narrow) shave 侥幸的脱险


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