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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午9:22


  eliminate v. 排除;去除

  embody v. 使具体化;体现

  endeavor v. /n. 努力

  elaborate a. 精心制作的

  exploit v. 开采,利用

  external a. 外部的

  extinguish v. 熄灭

  elevate v. 提升 An elevator can ~ to the top floor very soon。

  eligible a. 合格的,有资格的 ,符合条件的=qualified

  elite n. 精英,精华

  eloquent a. 雄辩的,有口才的 Martin Luther King was an ~speaker。

  energetic a. 精力充沛的=vigorous

  epidemic n./a. 流行病; 流行性的

  erupt v. 喷发,爆发

  essence n. 本质,实质,精华,精髓 the ~ of his theory/ in ~

  eternal a. 永久的=perpetual/permanent/forever

  evoke v. 唤起,引起 =elicit

  > The song ~d a feeling of love in the listeners。

  expedition n. 远征;考察(队)

  expel v. 开除,驱逐=dismiss; ~ the trouble-making student排出=emit

  >expel the smoke in the kitchen

  expire v. 期满,到期 Your passport ~s in a month。

  expertise n. 专门知识

  explicit a. 清楚的 His statement is ~, not implicit。

  extravagant a. 奢侈的; 过度的

  >You’re ~ while I’m thrifty。



  1.They usually have less money at the end of the month than _____at the beginning.

  A.which is

  B.which was

  C.they have is

  2.I remember_____to help us if we ever got into trouble.

  A.once offering

  B.him once offering

  C.him to offer offer him


  1. 选C. 在月底,他们的钱通常比在月初少。 than是连词,连接两个对等部分,此句有所省略,than后应为they have (money)at the beginning。

  2. 选B. 我记得他曾经答应过,如果我们遇到困难,他会帮助我们。

  remember doing sth.表示已完成的动作。“记得做过某事”

  remember to do sth.表示未完成的动作。 “记得要做某事”

  又由于once offering 动作的逻辑主语不是I,而要在动名词前加其动作的主体(代词用宾格),意为“我记得他答应过帮助我们。”


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