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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 上午10:10
  An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.



  punctual a. 守时的>He is a ~ man。

  propel v. 推动

  pledge n. 保证

  perceive v. 感知,感到

  prevail over v . 胜过 (prevail 流行,获胜)

  prime n. a.最初;主要的

  priority n. 优先(权) give ~ to

  prominent a. 突出的, 杰出的=distinguished

  prone to a. 易于,倾于

  prosperity n. 繁荣

  paradox n. 似是而非的,自相矛盾的论点

  participant n. 参加者

  patent n. 专利

  patriotic a. 爱国的

  pave v. 铺路 ~ the way for women’s Lib

  permeate v. 弥漫; 渗透

  perpetual a. 永久的

  pertinent a. 有关的 =relevant>skills ~ to the profession

  plead v. 为……辩护,恳求

  ponder v. 沉思,考虑 She ~ed his marriage proposal for a week。

  portray v. 描绘=describe/depict

  precede v. 先于,在……之前

  precedent n. 先例

  preclude n. 排除

  predecessor n. 前任

  prompt a. 迅速的

  predominant a. 主导的

  premise n. 前提 >your ~ is wrong。

  prescription n. 处方

  prestige n. 威望> enjoy high ~

  prevalent a.普遍的, 流行的

  prey n. 捕获物

  probe v. 探究>~ a matter to the bottom

  proficiency n. 熟练

  profound a. 深刻的; 渊博的

  prolong v. 延长

  prospective a. 预期的,未来的

  provocative a. 挑衅的 n.刺激物

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