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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午3:38

  rival n. 对手=opponent

  reckless a. 卤莽的

  resort to v. 诉诸于

  restore v. 恢复

  restraint n. 约束

  relevant a. 有关的

  remedy n. 治疗法

  resistant a. 抵抗的

  respective a. 分别的

  resume v. 重新开始

  random a. 随意的 at ~

  reap v. 收获 =harvest>reap crops

  reassure v. 使放心

  reconcile v. 使和解

  rectify v. 纠正

  refrain from v. 抑制

  refute v. 驳倒

  remainder n. 剩余的部分

  repel v. 使厌恶;击退;排斥>The odor ~s me./The odor can ~mosquito。

  reproach v. 责备=blame

  resemblance v. 相似

  resent v. 怨恨 >He resented being called his nickname。

  retort v. 反驳

  retrieve v. 取回(get back, bring back)

  reunion n. 团聚=get-together>an occasion for family ~

  revelation n. 揭示

  revive v. 使复苏>~ economy

  rigorous a. 严格的 ~ training for doctors

  rip v. 撕裂

  ritual n. 仪式=ceremony/routine>His morning ~is to make coffee, take a shower and have breakfast。

  robust a. 健壮的

  rot v. 腐烂 =decay

  sustain v. 维持=support

  scandal n. 丑闻

  strive v. 力求 ~ for freedom

  submit to v. 屈服=yield to

  striking a. 显著的

  scrape v. 刮,擦

  sensible a. 合情理的

  stereotype n. 陈规,固定的看法

  submerge v. 淹没

  cope n. 范围

  seemingly ad. 表面上

  speculate v. 猜测

  steep a. 陡的

  summon v. 唤起 How can I ~ up his courage?

  shift v. 移动;转变 ~ responsibility on to others

  scatter v. 。驱散

  sentiment n. 感情

  severe a. 严重的 ~ wound

  shield v. 保护

  simultaneously a. 同时地

  sole a. 唯一的

  sponsor n. 赞助者

  startle v. 惊吓

  substantial a. 可观的,大量的=considerable> a substantial income

  sufficient a. 充分的

  supplement v./n. 补充>He ~ed his income by taking apart-time job。

  safeguard v. 保护

  savage a. 野蛮的 =not civilized

  scent n. 香味 The scent of women(Oscar 影片)

  scrutiny n. 细看

  setback n. 挫折

  shatter v. 使粉碎> It shattered my dream。

  simulate v. 模拟

  skeptical a. 怀疑的

  slack a. 松弛的

  sneak v. 溜;偷偷地做

  sober a. 未醉的> I’m ~ enough。

  specifications n. 规格,说明书

  spectacle n. 景象,大观

  spectator n. 旁观者

  spontaneous a. 自发的

  stability n. 稳定

  stagger v. 蹒跚

  stationary a. 固定的

  stimulus n. 刺激

  straightforward a. 坦率的 a ~ reply

  stubborn a. 倔强的

  stumble v. 绊倒

  subscribe to v. 订阅

  subsidy n. 补贴

  subtle a. 微妙的>the ~ difference of the two words

  supervise v. 监督

  suppress v. 镇压; 抑制


  triumph n. 胜利

  testify v. 作证

  thrive v. 繁荣=prosper

  trigger v. 引发 ~ a debate/war

  tangle with v. 争吵, 纠葛

  tease v. 取笑

  temperament n. 气质

  tempt v. 引诱

  terminate v. 终止

  texture n. 质地

  threshold n. 开端 on the ~ of (即将开始)

  timid a. 胆小的

  tolerant a. 宽容的

  toxic a. 有毒的=poisonous

  trait n. 特点, 特性 personality ~

  transaction n. 交易

  transit n. 运输

  transition n. 过渡, 转变

  transplant v./n. 移植

  trivial a. 琐碎的

  tumble v. 跌到,翻滚(stumble绊倒)

  turbulent a. 混乱的

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