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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 上午11:09
  1. It was in the United States that I made the ______ of Professor Jones.

  2. It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name in ______.

  3. The shy girl felt ______ and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher’s question.

  4. The author of the report is well ______ with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years.

  5. The designer has applied for a ______ for his new invention.

  [A] press [B] acquaintance [C]acquainted [D] awkward

  [E] informed [F] print [G] patent [H] association

  6. [A] stupid [B] foolish [C] silly [D] substantial

  7. [A] privilege [B] priority [C] authority [D] right

  8. [A] die [B] dip [C] suicide [D] murder

  9 . [A] endure [B] endanger [C] risk [D] hazard


  1. 选[B]。 [题意]正是在美国我结识琼斯教授的。

  acquaintance n.相识的人,熟人;认识,相识,了解

  [搭配] a man of wide acquaintance 交友广泛的人;a nodding acquaintance 点头之交

  [范例] He is an acquaintance, but I wouldn’t call him a friend. 他是我的一个熟人,但我不会把他称作朋友。我要收藏

  2. 选[F]。 [题意]看见自己的名字出现在出版物上我有种奇怪的兴奋感。

  print vt.印刷,出版;冲洗(照片) n.字体;印刷(品)

  [搭配] be printed in bold type用黑体印刷

  [短语] in print(书等)仍可买到的;out of print (书等)已绝版的

  [范例] Communication through print, as a matter of fact, allow for a great deal of control over the social information to which children have access. 事实上,通过书本传播信息可以在很大程度上控制孩子们所能获得的社会知识。

  3. 选[D]。 [题意]那个害羞的女孩回答不上老师的问题时感到尴尬和不自在。

  awkward adj.笨拙的,不灵巧的

  [搭配] an awkward remark 不得体的活;an awkward dancer 笨拙的跳舞者

  [范例] He is rather awkward with his hands. 他的手很不灵巧。

  4. 选[C]。 [题意]这篇报道的作者对医院的问题非常熟悉,因为他已经在那里工作许多年了。

  acquaint vt. (with)使认识,使了解,使熟悉

  [搭配] acquaint oneself with 知道,了解;be acquainted with 与...相识,了解

  [范例] I must acquaint myself with the woen so that I will not get lost. 我必须熟悉这座城市以防迷路。

  5. 选[G]。 [题意]设计师已为他的新发明申请了专利。

  patent n. 发言权,(表达出的)意见;说话声,嗓音

  [搭配] have no voice in decision 对决定无发言权;raise one’s voice 提高嗓门

  [范例] I’ve got a bd cold and I’ve lost my voice. 我患重感冒,嗓子都发不声来了。


  1.[D] 2.[C] 3.[B] 4.[A]


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