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  1.I hope that you’ll be more careful in typing the letter. Don’t ___ anything. (CET--4,1999.1)

  2.The Car Club couldn’t ___ to meet the demands of all its members. (CET--4,2001,6)

  3.He was proud of being chosen to participate in the game and he ___ us that he would try as hard as possible. (CET--4,2003.6)

  4.The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural ___. (CET--4,2002.1)

  5.At first, the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country but halfway in her speech, she suddenly ___ to another subject. (CET--4,1996.1)

  [A] ignorance

  [B] transformation

  [C] guarantee

  [D] assume

  [E] omit

  [F] assured

  [G] insure

  [H] switched


  1. 选[E]. [题意]我希望在在打这封信的时候你能更仔细一点,不要遗漏任何东西。

  omit vt.遗漏,疏忽;省略,删节

  [搭配] omit to do/doing something 忘记做某事

  [范例] You can omit the sugar if you do not want the dish to be too sweet.如果你不想让菜太甜,可以不加糖。

  ignorance n.无知,愚昧

  [范例] We are in complete ignorance of his plans.我们对他的计划一无所知。

  2. 选[C]. [题意]这个汽车俱乐部不能保证满足所有会员的要求。

  g uarantee vt.保证,担保 n.保证,保证书

  [用法] 后接不定式或名词宾语结构或that从句,如The Chinese Constitution guarantees that the people have certain right. 中国宪法确保人民拥有某些权力。

  Guarantee to meet the demands 保证满足需求

  [范例] Is everyone entitled to his opinion? Of cource, this is not only permitted, but guaranteed. 人人都有发表意见的权利吗?当然,这不仅是获得允许的,而且是应该有保障的。[03.9 阅读]

  insure vt.保证,担保,确保;给......保险

  [搭配] insure sb. against/from danger 保护某人免受危险;insure her a good night’s sleep 保证她能睡一夜好觉;insure against fire/death 火险/寿险

  [范例] “It is clear there is a long way to go in insuring shoppers are adequately informed about the environmental impact of products they buy," said Consumers International director. 消费者国际主任说道:“很明显,要确保消费者对所购买产品的环境影响有足够认识,还有很长的路要走。”[05.6 阅读]

  3. 选[F]. [题意]他为被选中参加比赛而感到骄傲,并向我们保证他会竭尽全力。

  assure vt.确保,保证给;使放心

  [用法] 一般只用于如下两种结构:assure sb/oneself of sth. 使某人/自己对.....确信;assure sb. that..... 使某人确信......

  4. 选[B]. [题意]二十世纪见证了全球性的政治,经济与文化的巨变。

  transformation n.变化,转变;改革,转换

  [搭配] polite and economic transformation 政治与经济变革;the transformatin of water into stream 把水变成蒸汽;transformation in sb.’s characer 某人性格上的变化

  5. 选[H]. [题意]起初,发言者谈论了那个国家的污染问题,但半途中她突然转到另一个话题上。

  switch v.转变,改变 n.开关;转变,改变

  [搭配] switch one’s position 改变立场;awitch the light on/off 开/关灯

  [范例] The car is fitted with a remote immobiliser(锁止器),and a radio signal from a control centre miles away will ensure that once the thief switches the engine off, he will not be able to start it again. 车上安装了远程锁止器,几英里以外的控制中心发来的无线信号将会使偷车贼一旦将车熄了火,就再也无法发动引擎。


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