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  A) The man is exaggerating.

  B) The man should try to eat less.

  C) Food with a lot of fat should be avoided.

  D) People should worry less about their diets.


  A) Watch a TV program related to his project.

  B) Think about taking a less advanced sociology class.

  C) Finish his project as soon as possible.

  D) Reconsider his decision to interview so many people.


  A) The man lost his address book.

  B) The man and the woman already know each other.

  C) The man is sorry to bother Jack Easton.

  D) Jack Easton and the woman work for the same company.


  A) Try on a smaller sweater.

  B) Look for another style at a different store.

  C) Give the sweater away as a gift.

  D) Exchange the sweater for a bigger one.


  A) His brother is younger than he is.

  B) He and his brother went to different schools.

  C) He doesn’t like his brother.

  D) He and his brother are different.


  26. M:Do you ever get tired of all the talk about fat and cholesterol?

  W:Do I? You know sometimes I think it’s just a fad. How can so many different things be bad for you? 我要收藏

  Q:What does the woman imply?(D)

  27. M:Professor Johnson, for my sociology project this term I’m thinking of interviewing all the residents in town on their TV viewing habits.

  W:Well that’s quite an undertaking for such a short-term project. Maybe you should take a little while to think about what that would entail before making your final decision.

  Q:What does the woman suggest the man do?(D)

  28. W:Good morning, East Coast Data Process. May I help you?

  M:Caroline? Oh, dear, I’m sorry. I thought I dialed Jack Easton, your number must be just above.

  Q:What can be inferred from the conversation?(B)

  29. M:How do I look in this new sweater I bought yesterday? I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have a chance to try it on.

  W:Well, I really like the style. But it looks a little tight. You might want to take it back and get the next size up.

  Q:What does the woman suggest the man do? (D)

  30. W:I hear you have a brother who went to school here too. Have I ever seen him?

  M:Well, he graduated last year. But you would never have guessed that we were brothers.

  Q:What does the man imply?(D)


  26.D fad:一时的流行,短暂的热衷。

  27.D quite an undertaking:相当多的工作。

  28.B 根据男子已经叫出对方的名字,可以推断他们认识。

  29.D 听力的重点在转折词but后面的内容。

  30.D 重点在but后面的内容。You would never have guessed that we were brothers:你永远不会猜到我们是兄弟。暗示他们不像。

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