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  A) He doesn’t know where his brother keeps his computer.

  B) The woman should buy a used computer.

  C) He doesn’t know how much computers cost

  D) His brother paid too much for the computer.


  A) The doctor can see the man this week.

  B) Appointments must be made two weeks in advance.

  C) The man should call back on Friday.

  D) The doctor canceled his appointments on Friday.


  A) He started the semester in a bad mood.

  B) He’s not usually bad-tempered.

  C) He has few responsibilities.

  D) He doesn’t like the man.


  A) He might go to the movies when he finished studying.

  B) He doesn’t know if he can concentrate on a movie.

  C) He needs to stop studying for a while.

  D) He can’t think about anything but studying.


  A) He forgot to cancel the reservation.

  B) They can go to the restaurant after the woman has finished working.

  C) He has to work late tonight.

  D) They don’t have a reservation at the restaurant.


  21. W:What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay for a new computer?

  M:You are asking the wrong person. My brother gave me mine.

  Q:What does the man imply? (C)

  22. M:I have an appointment with Dr. Stevens at 3 o’clock tomorrow. But something’s coming up I’d like to reschedule. Uh, any chance I can get in by the end of this week?

  W:Well, we just had a cancellation for Friday. After that, the doctor will be out of the office for 2 weeks.

  Q:What does the woman mean? (A)

  23. M:What’s wrong with Harald today? He snapped for no reason.

  W:Don’t worry. It’s just the end of the semester pressure. He’ll be his old self next week.

  Q:What does the woman say about Harald? (B)

  24. W:Come to the movies with us. Everybody needs to take a break every once in a while.

  M:I guess I might as well. I’ve been studying so long I can hardly concentrate.

  Q:What does the man mean? (C)

  25. W:I’m sorry. I need to work late tonight. So you should probably cancel our reservation at the restaurant.

  M:Oh, actually I’ve never got round to making one in the first place.

  Q:What does the man mean? (D)


  21.C ask the wrong person:问错人。


  23.B 否定句Don’t worry暗示Herald并不总是snap(大吼大叫)。be one’s old self:恢复常态。

  24.C might as well:不妨。

  25.D 听力重点在信号词actually后。get round to doing sth:忙于做某事。

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