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  Whether we like it or not, the world we live in has changed _ in the last hundred years, and it is likely to change _ in the next hundred. Some people would like to stop these changes and go back to what they see as a _ and simpler age. But as history shows, the past was not that wonderful. It was not so bad for a _ minority, though even they had to do without modern medicine, and childbirth was highly risky for women. But for the vast _ of the population, life was nasty, brutish, and short.



  1. great deal

  2. even more

  3. purer

  4. privileged

  5. majority



  (1) privilege sb. from sth.表示”特免某人的…”的意思.

  例:Knowing the fact that his parents died, the headmaster privileged him for the fees.弄清楚他父母双亡的事实后,校长特免了他所有的费用.

  (2) grant sb. the privilege of doing sth.表示”赋予某人做某事的特权”的意思.

  例:The teacher granted the monitor the privilege of finishing the work after the holidays.老师特许班长在假期后做完工作.


  run risks冒险

  take risks冒险

  at the risk of冒…的风险

  at risk可能遭到损失

  at one’s own risk自行负责

  run the risk of doing sth冒险做某事

  at all risks无论冒什么危险

  at any risk无论如何

  risk one’s neck冒着生命的危险



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