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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午1:26

  [1] 对话部分

  [2] 听力原文及答案解析



  A) She doesn’t think it will snow.

  B) The location of the session has been changed.

  C) The session might be canceled.

  D) She’ll probably be too tired to walk to the session.


  A) The job’s short hours make it impossible for her to refuse.

  B) She’s looking forward to meeting her new colleagues.

  C) She refused the position because of the low salary.

  D) The job is turning into an excellent opportunity for her.


  A) He hasn’t talked to his brother since he transferred.

  B) He doesn’t think his brother should transfer.

  C) His brother doesn’t want to transfer.

  D) He hadn’t heard the news about his brother.


  A) She thinks Mary is too critical.

  B) She doesn’t know how to react.

  C) She thinks the man is too sensitive.

  D) She wants to know what the man thinks.


  A) Which seminar the woman wants to sign up for.

  B) If the woman keeps money at the bank.

  C) Where the woman learned about the seminar.

  D) If the woman has taken other classes on personal finances.


  11.M:Do you think you feel energetic enough to walk to our study group session tonight?

  W:If there is one! I guess you haven’t heard the weather report. It’s said a foot of snow is expected.

  Q:What does the woman imply? (C)

  12. W:Did you hear that Michelle turned down that job?

  M:Yeah. The hours were convenient, but she wouldn’t have been able to make ends meet.

  Q:What does the man say about Michelle? (C)

  13. W:I hear that your brother is planning to transfer to another university.

  M:Not if I can talk him out of it. And believe me, I’m trying.

  Q:What does the man imply? (B)

  14. M:You know, every time I talk to Mary I get the feeling she’s been critical of me.

  W:Don’t you think you are overreacting a bit?

  Q:What does the woman mean? (C)

  15. W:I’d like to enroll in the free seminar you advertised in the newspaper, the one on managing our personal finances.

  M:Okay. Now the ad did say that you have to have a savings account at our bank to be eligible. Do you have one here?

  Q:What does the man want to know? (B)


  11.C 该组对话的听力重点是否定句you haven’t heard...

  12.C 重点应该在but后面的内容。make ends meet:使收支平衡。

  13.B 该组对话的关键是句型not...if...

  14.C 考点是否定疑问句Don’t you think...。overreact:反应过敏感。

  15.B saving account:存款账户。eligible:有资格的。

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