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  A) Go with her to the airport.

  B) Talk to her for a short time.

  C) Find out when the plane is leaving.

  D) Make the phone call now.


  A) She never keeps other people waiting.

  B) She wanted the man to help her with her assignment.

  C) She’s upset that the man didn’t tell her he’d be late.

  D) She’s glad that the man phoned her.


  A) He can give the woman directions to Chicago.

  B) He can drive the woman to Chicago.

  C) He can get a map for the woman.

  D) He can take the woman to the bookstore.


  A) He thought the woman’s birthday was next week.

  B) The restaurant closes early during the week.

  C) The woman should find out if she can reserve a table.

  D) He won’t be able to go with the woman.


  A) She needs more time to get ready for the dinner.

  B) She thought the dinner was at another time.

  C) She forgot about the plans she made for dinner.

  D) She won’t be able to go to dinner.


  51. M:I know I ought to call home, but I’ve got a plane to take and I may be late.

  W:But it only takes a minute.

  Q:What does the woman suggest the man do?(D)

  52. M:I hope you are not too put out with me for stopping by Fred’s on the way over here. I had to pick up an assignment.

  W:Well, that’s not a big deal. But you might at least phone if you know you are going to keep someone waiting.

  Q:What does the woman mean?(C) 我要收藏

  53. W:I have to drive in to Chicago next week. Do you have a map I could borrow?

  M:Sorry I don’t, but I can pick one up for you while I’m at the bookstore.

  Q:What does the man mean?(C)

  54. W:I think I’ll take my mother to that French restaurant on Main Street for her birthday.

  M:I hope it’s not any time soon. They are usually booked up weeks in advance.

  Q:What does the man mean?(C)

  55. M:You’re joining us for dinner tonight, aren’t you?

  W:Oh, I’m really sorry. I had the wrong date for my geometry test. I just found out it’s tomorrow and I need all the time I can get to prepare.

  Q:What does the woman imply?(D)


  51.D 转折词but暗示女子不同意男子的观点。It only takes a minute:只需一分钟(耽误不了你的时间)。

  52.C 听力的重点在but后面的内容。to be put out:生气。

  53.C 男子先否定,然后but一转,可见此后才是听力的重点。

  54.C be booked up:(饭店、宾馆等的房间)被预定一空。in advance:提前。

  55.D 女子采用了直接否定的方式。

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