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  Passage 2

  A superstar (S1) _____ is someone who has become famous in sports, or films, or popular music, someone like Michael Jackson. In the middle nineteen (S2) _____, Michael Jackson made a record (S3)______ called Thriller. It quickly became the most popular (S4) _______ in the history of music, and it made Michael Jackson a superstar. The word ‘super’ means something that is (S5)_______ good. And of course, a star means a person who is famous. So people use ‘superstar’ to (S6) ________ the top people in sports, (S7)_______ and music.

  One of the most famous sports superstars in the United States was a boxer named Muhammad Ali. (S8)__________________________________________________.

  Then he became the heavy-weight boxing champion of the world.

  (S9)____________________________________________________. Muhammad Ali claimed when he became the world champion that he was more famous than the President of the United States. He was a true superstar. Everyone knows his name.

  (S10)_____________________________________________________________________. Superstars are loved by millions of people today, but forgotten tomorrow.


  (S1) usually

  (S2) eighties

  (S3) album

  (S4) recording

  (S5) extremely

  (S6) describe

  (S7) acting

  (S8) As a young man, Muhammad Ali won a gold medal in the Olympics as a boxer.

  (S9) Before long, he was known as one of the most famous boxers in sports history.

  (S10) But like the stars in the sky, a superstar fades from the sight as time passes, many young people, for example, know little about Muhammad Ali these days.

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