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  A) He wants to keep informed while he’s absent.

  B) The details of the report haven’t been checked yet.

  C) He has just come back to work.

  D) He has to be away longer than expected.


  A) The man should see an optometrist.

  B) She’d like to postpone working on the proposal.

  C) She wants to know why the proposal was late.

  D) It won’t take long to write the proposal.


  A) He decided not to sell the piano.

  B) He’d looking for a place to store the piano.

  C) No one has bought the piano.

  D) He hasn’t been able to find an inexpensive piano yet.


  A) She’s looking forward to her history class.

  B) She’s surprised how long her reading assignment is.

  C) She thinks the book is too expensive.

  D) She’s late for her history class.


  A) She’s looking forward to her weekend trip.

  B) She will accept the man’s invitation.

  C) She would prefer to go to the aquarium alone.

  D) She thinks the children will enjoy the aquarium.


  41. W:I’ll read you the main points of the report over the phone.

  M:Great. That’ll help me stay on top of the project till I’m able to come back to work.

  Q:What does the man mean?(A)

  42. M:We’ve been working on this proposal for so long that my eyes are starting to blur.

  W:Why don’t we get out of here? We can wrap it up later.

  Q:What does the woman mean?(B)

  43. W:Hey Mark, have you been able to sell your old piano yet?

  M:Ah, you were right, just posting notices on bulletin boards at a couple of supermarkets wasn’t enough. I think I’ll have to place an advertisement in the local newspaper.

  Q:What does the man imply?(C)

  44. M:Hi, Ann. Where are you rushing off to?

  W:I’m on my way to pick up the text for American history. I’m in shock. It’s going to be 65 bucks.

  Q:What does the woman mean?(C)

  45. M:We are thinking of taking the kids to the new aquarium this weekend. Do you think it’s worth the trip?

  W:I’ve heard good things about it. I hope I get chance to go myself soon.

  Q:What does the woman imply? (D)


  41.A to stay on top of the project:呆在项目的顶上。暗示了解项目的进展情况。

  42.B 注意句型why not…表示建议。wrap up later:稍后完成。blur:眼睛看不清,模糊。

  43.C 该组对话的重点是抓住时态和否定词。

  44.C buck:(俚语)美元。

  45.D aquarium:水族馆。

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