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  Questions 8 to 11 are based on the talk given by the dean of the School of Education.


  A) To explain a new requirement for graduation.

  B) To interest students in a new community program.

  C) To discuss the problems of elementary school students.

  D) To recruit elementary school teachers for a special program.


  A) To find jobs for graduating students.

  B) To help education majors prepare for final exams.

  C) To offer tutorials to elementary school students.

  D) To provide funding for a community service project.


  A) He advises students participating in special program.

  B) He teaches part-time in an elementary school.

  C) He observes elementary school students in the classroom.

  D) He helps students prepare their resumes.


  A) Contact the elementary school.

  B) Sign up for a special class.

  C) Submit a resume to the dean.

  D) Talk to Professor Dodge.

  Questions 12 to 15 are based on the passage you’ve just heard.


  A) Benjamin Franklin’s contribution to the postal service of the U.S.

  B) The first postal service in the U.S.

  C) How the postal service developed in the U.S.

  D) How the first postal service started in the U.S.


  A) Philadelphia.

  B) Delaware.

  C) Boston.

  D) New York.


  A) He served as postmaster general.

  B) He established the permanent postal system in the U.S.

  C) He developed ‘star routes’.

  D) He started a package service system.


  A) By boat.

  B) By train.

  C) By stagecoach.

  D) By horse and wagon.

  B C A D C C B D


  Passage 3

  (man’s voice) Community service is an important component of education here at our university. We encourage all students to volunteer for at least one community activity before they graduate. A new community program called "One On One" helps elementary students who’ve fallen behind. You education majors might be especially interested in it because it offers the opportunity to do some teaching----that is, tutoring in math and English.

  You’d have to volunteer two hours a week for one semester. You can choose to help a child with match, English, or both. Half-hour lessons are fine, so you could do a half hour of each subject two days a week.

  Professor Dodge will act as a mentor to the tutors----he’ll be available to help you with lesson plans or to offer suggestions for activities. He has office hours every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. You can sign up for the program with him and begin the tutoring next week.

  I’m sure you’ll enjoy this community service... and you’ll gain valuable experience at the same time. It looks good on your resume, too showing that you’ve had experience with children and that you care about your community. If you’d like to sign up, or if you have any questions, stop by Professor Dodge’s office this week.

  Questions 8 to 11 are based on the talk given by the dean of the School of Education.

  8. What is the purpose of the talk?

  9. What is the purpose of the program the dean describes?

  10. What does Professor Dodge do?

  11. What should students interested in the tutorials do?

  Passage 4

  The first postal service in North America began in New England in the 17th century. All mail arriving in Massachusetts colony was sent to the home of the appointed official in Boston. In turn, he would deliver the mail from Boston on horseback to its destination, receiving one penny for each good article of mail. Later in the century postal services were established between Philadelphia and Delaware. In 1691, the British crown appointed the first postmaster general to have charge of the mail for all the colonies in North America. For some time, Benjamin Franklin served as the postmaster by the newly formed United States government. Franklin was responsible for establishing the United States postal system on a permanent basis. He increased the number of post offices, introduced the use of stagecoaches to carry mail, and started a package service system. Later, in the 19th century, as railroad and steam boats appeared, they were used to carry mail into the towns. Some communities, especially those out west, were far from the service of transportation. To serve them, the post office developed a system called ‘star routes’. Private contractors were paid to deliver mail to the communities away from railways by horse 擌and wagon. The postal service which was started over 3 centuries ago, has developed into an extensive government service with post offices in every city, town and village in the United States.

  Questions 12 to 15 are based on the passage you’ve just heard.

  12. What is main subject of the passage?

  13. Where was the first postal service established in the U.S.?

  14. For what did Benjamin Franklin deserve most credit?

  15. How was mail delivered to the remote areas out in the West?


  Passage 3

  这是一篇演讲。这类文章的特点是开头往往告知演讲的目的、主要议题等。该文的第一句讲到community service,第二句交待校方鼓励学生自愿参加一次这样的社区活动,第三句进入主题,告诉这次活动的主要内容。

  然后讲了这次活动的意义和时间安排,最后提到Professor Dodge,他是此次活动的指导者(mentor),并介绍了他的工作性质。

  8.B 该题是主旨题。从文章第一、二句可知。

  9.C 该题是细节题。从"A new community program called ‘One On One’ helps elementary students who’ve fallen behind."可知。

  10.A 该题是细节题。从"Professor Dodge will act as a mentor to the tutors--he’ll be available to help you with lesson plans or to offer suggestions for activities."可知。

  11.D 该题是细节题。该题是细节题。由最后一句可知。我要收藏

  Passage 4

  本文介绍了北美邮政业务的起源和发展。北美的邮政业务首先出现在17世纪的新英格兰。所有达到马萨诸塞殖民地的信件都被送到波士顿的一个指定的官员家里。然后,他骑马把信件从波士顿递送到目的地。每完好地递送一个邮件,收到1便士。17世纪晚些时候,在费城和特拉华城市间建立了邮政业务。在1691年,英国国王任命第一任邮政大臣来管理北美所有殖民地的信件。本杰明?富兰克林曾一度担任新成立的美国政府的邮政大臣。他负责建立永久性的美国邮政系统。他增加了邮局,使用公共马车来递送邮件,开设了包裹邮政系统。到了19世纪,火车和轮船被用来递送邮件。但对于那些要到达边远偏僻地区的邮件,邮局付钱给私人承包者,由他们骑马或驾马车来递送。此系统被称作star routes,即"星号邮路"。三个世纪前才建立起来的邮政业务,到今天已发展成在美国的每一个市、镇和村都设有邮局的广泛的政府业务。

  12.C 本题测试对整篇文章中心思想的把握。

  13.C 本题测试获取特定信息的能力。

  14.B 本题测试捕捉特定信息和对文章某一部分进行的内容进行概括,要求在若干信息中区分主要信息和次要信息。

  15.D 本题对细节考查

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